Life outside of Athens

Believe it or not, there are things happening outside of the Classic City in the world of college football:

  • The more I think about it, this is a damned good question.
  • If this is true (h/t The Wiz of Odds), Charlie Weis ain’t going anywhere any time soon.  He and Notre Dame deserve each other.
  • Say what you will about him, Mike Leach is never short on ideas.  He’s got a unique suggestion about how to cut the knot on the three-way tie in the Big XII South:  graduation rates (h/t The Wiz of Odds).  Of course, the fact that they favor Texas Tech never entered his mind when he thought it up, right?
  • Georgia didn’t have the only epic fail on defense in the crunch yesterday.  And this one cost its school a helluva lot more.
  • What coach in his right mind would take the Mississippi State job?  A retread, sure.  The Bulldog AD needs to think way outside the box on this hire, though – and realize that if he hits paydirt with a good pick, he’ll probably lose him within five years.
  • OK, OK, one Georgia question:  what happens if the Capital One Bowl doesn’t pick the Dawgs?


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7 responses to “Life outside of Athens

  1. The Oregon State loss cost their school and their conference A LOT. In fact, it cost Oregon several million dollars in beating OSU. Something about that seems to be improperly de-incentivizing (if that is a word.)


  2. Wolfman

    Hey, Boise earned it last time they got there. Why should anybody say they don’t deserve it? They won last time they were there.

    Nuts. If Arkansas had lost on Friday, I might have penciled in Petrino for that Miss St. job.


  3. kckd


    The only thing that would prevent ND from giving Weis the buyout is it would let everyone in college football know how little that figure means to them.

    It was a stupid move to sign him to that contract after an “impressive” loss. But the fact that they did tells you all you need to know about their financial situation. It’s not just that they had the money to give him, but that it really meant very little to them financially.

    They could offer Meyer double what he makes at UF and not blink.


  4. CLTDawg

    kc – that is absolutely true. We tailgated next to one of their big money boosters at last year’s Auburn game, and he was on the phone most of the time with the president of their LA booster club, trying to talk the guy out of writing a check for $30 million to get rid of Weis. I have to think that guy can’t wait to write a $12 million check & throw $5-6 million a year at Meyer.


  5. JasonC

    It is going to be a bad bowl season for the SEC. We already play every major conference’s #2 team, including matchups of our #5 vs #2 Big12 or ACC.

    I hope Ohio St gets a BCS bowl, because I can just see Wells and Pryor running all over us.

    Give Nutt some credit for making Ole Miss credible, but I think whoever plays in the Cotton Bowl gets beat.


  6. kckd

    A very good friend of mine knows someone who is one of the few who can put the pressure on Weis. My friend’s dad is a Notre Dame grad and has been friends with this guy back in their college days. I don’t think Notre Dame will go after Meyer again for one and only one reason. They don’t trust him to manage the off field issues and they don’t think of him as a person of high integrity when it comes to recruiting practices. I’m not saying they think he’ll break recruiting rules, but Meyer has told two kids who committed to Weis early and later opened their recruiting to not let Notre Dame know they were opening their recruiting back up until months after they decided.

    I know that most of us could care less what the coach does and will defend him to the hilt if he’s a winner, but I think there has been too much bad blood there. I may be wrong, but that’s just what I heard. But make no mistake about it, when they hire the next guy it will be someone proven and he will get a huge amount of money.


  7. Coastal dawg

    Even if he said it becasue it favors him, I really like Mike Leach’s idea.

    It would be quite a press conference listening to coaches bad mouth the other’s graduation rates.