Recipe for a lost offseason

Start with this post of mine from a couple of weeks ago.

Add in a dash of this thought from David Hale (whose live game blog from yesterday is a must read, by the way, even if you’re not a masochist):

It’s hard to fault fans for being upset. Every week, with the exception of Arizona State and to a lesser extent LSU, it has been the exact same story. This team has made zero marked improvement over the course of the season, and that has to fall onto the coaching staff. I’ve said all year I didn’t think any significant overhaul of the staff was in order at year’s end, and maybe it’s not. But I do think after this is all said and done, Richt needs to take a long look at this year and find out where things went wrong, and if he’s only pointing to the injuries and the “tough” schedule, he’s doing everyone involved with this team a big disservice.

Then finish with this quote from Mark Richt after the game:

“I think we had 18 season-ending injuries, last year we had one,” Richt said. “We played the toughest schedule according to the NCAA…”

Let sit unattended for several months.  Serves 9-10 wins.


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8 responses to “Recipe for a lost offseason

  1. Ally

    That tough schedule was not as tough as anyone thought it would be, so I’m not buying that argument (excuse) anymore. We only beat 1 BCS team with at least 7 wins this season, and that was SCU. And we barely excaped a loss in that game, much like we did against Auburn & Kentucky.

    And yes we had injuries, but most of those devastating injuries came on the offensive line, yet look what a great coach (Searles) was able to do with the depth he had. He performed a minor miracle and that’s what great coaches do – they develop talent. Martinez has only regressed during his 4 year tenure. And Coach Fabris should be held to the same indictment as well. Neither coach improved with the talent they were given as the season went along. So the injury argument (excuse) doesn’t wash with me either.

    I’m sick of the excuses and I’m sick of hearing CMR & CWM throw our kids under the bus. That infuriates me more than anything! It is time for personal accountability from the guys that actually get paid to do their jobs and have failed miserably down the stretch. Hell, that’s being generous – they have failed all season, since game 1.

    I don’t give a damn whether its an issue of scheme, conditioning, tackling, poor game-planning, discipline, focus, or not enough jumping jacks in the offseason! I no longer care WHY we failed and got worse as the season went along. I’ve got news for them, all of these excuses that CMR & CWM are so quick to trot out in the press are still under their umbrella of coaching responsibility!

    I expected him to be humble enough and disgusted enough to finally say “I’m the Head Coach here, this is my team and these are my failures. It’s my responsibility to fix what is so obviously broken and I give the University, the Athletic Department, and Bulldog Nation my word that I will do so immediately.”

    I am simply baffled that he hasn’t expressed some humility and a great deal of anger & dissapointment in how we fared this season. As a result, I once again have little faith that things will change for the better any time soon.


  2. baltimore dawg

    really, i’m trying not to be irked by the reality-denying rhetoric that has been percolating from athens for some time now. the most discipline that uga football has demonstrated in a long while is the message-discipline in the public comments of coaches and players. while, as a fan, i suppose i’d find it more satisfying to see some of our guys wail and don sackcloth, i don’t think that’s really the way ahead from here.

    the question, to my mind, is “does richt really believe what he’s been saying publicly?” i can only guess about that, and i can only hope that richt possesses more guile than he appears to.


  3. Smitty

    The DC has to go or most fans will lose a lot of faith in the program and in our head coach. The secondary has not been racked with injuries yet they have been out of position quite a bit this seasson (R. Jones!). That falls on the coaches. We got beat by a team that completed one pass. ONE! So why couldn’t we sell out and stop the run? I’m no coach and don’t pretend to be one but that was ridiculous. 1st down full back up the middle. Second and third down option left or option right. Make them beat you with their worst players and not their best.

    Stop using the “tough” schedule as an excuse. The numbers are in and it wasn’t near as bad as we thought. Auburn-5wins, LSU-7 wins, S.Car.-7wins, Tenn.-5wins, ASU-5wins. Oh and Tenn. and Vandy did not have a tough time containing that Kentucky offense did they???

    Pay Searles whatever he wants to keep him.


  4. Heyberto

    Forget the schedule… there’s no moral victory.. there has been no fire, no swagger, nothing. Those pregame warmup routines where they get fired up didn’t translate… given our injuries, the fact that we won the games we did is something to be proud of.. but the losses were bad and we have to hope that it gives us motivation to improve next year. If our defense improves, and the O-Line is restored… we should do fairly well, even without Stafford and Moreno.


  5. Wolfman

    Forget the schedule is right. It turned out to be nothing.

    Swagger isn’t a problem team-wide. We show it offense, and for those who doubted Stafford’s Dawgness, you saw him jumping and cheering on the defense yesterday. It was especially evident on TV.

    I think the simple answer is that we just don’t have the players on defense we thought we had. The LBs are studs, and Asher is good enough that you don’t hear from him often. (I consider that a compliment to a CB.) But the line and the rest of the secondary aren’t the players we all thought they were. The line, simply, just isn’t as good as they should be. Reshad continually makes ridiculous mistakes, and I think the tape will show that he took himself out of position on almost all those long runs yesterday. And think about it…what position have we always (past ~10 yrs.) had a solid leader? SAFETY. From Jermaine Phillips forward, we were solid. Now, it seems we’re lacking.

    We must accurately analyse our personnel next year, and not let the pundits do it for us. Otherwise, we’ll be playing unrealistic schemes again and assuming our players know what they’re doing. I haven’t really gotten on the “fire CWM” bandwagon, but it does seem that Jones especially was undercoached.


  6. The injuries have centered around the offensive line, and guess what. The offensive line was NOT the problem. The offensive line hasn’t been the problem since the Bama game, really. They’re coached well, and play well. I have rarely gotten the feeling that Stafford is running for his life, or that Knowshon just can’t get back to the LOS.

    The problem is bazillion-star athletes being unable to tackle, and a coaching staff willing to live with the conference’s worst special teams play. And you can’t blame injuries for this at all.


  7. anon

    you guys couldn’t even stop a team that completed ONE pass all game. That’s right–ONE (as in the number 1) — pass. Way to go. To hell with Georgia!! Preseason number one–wow–what a choke job–the only 3 good teams you played all year drilled you.


  8. a redcoat

    it’s has indeed been a disturbing year and i sincerely hope that coach richt doesn’t believe everything he says.

    and to the anonymous poster – losing by 3 isn’t getting drilled, moron.