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Math made “it’s so easy”.

Scott Reid of the Orange County Register hangs a big ol’ “kick me” sign on the backs of all of the idiot school presidents and conference for leaving all that TV money on the table by turning their backs on a football playoff.

… BCS officials have spent the week congratulating themselves in private over the ESPN deal that is a 56 percent jump over the BCS’ current 4-year, $320-million contract with Fox. But even if you figure in ABC’s $30-million annual fee to televise the Rose Bowl the deal is but a fraction of what CBS pays out each year to televise the NCAA basketball tournament and what some longtime college and conference administrators say an eight or 16 team post-season would command. CBS’s 11-year NCAA basketball tournament deal is worth $6.2-billion. In other words by taking a playoff tournament off the table, college football is costing itself more than $400-million a season. [Emphasis added.]

$400 million a year.  That’s a staggering amount of money.  So here’s my first question – if the presidents and conference commissioners are the greedy bastards everyone says they are, why are they leaving that kind of jack laying around?  Does Mike Slive, who just squeezed the hell out of CBS and ESPN on new SEC TV contracts, strike anyone as the type of guy who’s willing to let bygones be bygones when it comes to negotiating a postseason deal?  How about Jim Delany, who went to war for a year with Comcast over Big Ten TV?  You think he’s the kind of guy who’s OK with leaving any money on the table?

What gets me about Reid’s argument is that he’s comparing apples and oranges and hoping nobody notices.  CBS broadcasts 65 games of March Madness.  Is it logical to expect the same amount of TV money for a quarter of the number of games in a football tourney?

Reid also conveniently forgets about those conference regular season broadcast deals, like the ones the SEC just struck.  How much would those be devalued if D-1 football adopted an extended playoff?

Now it may be that a playoff would be a financial boon to schools not in BCS conferences, but before you make the silly argument that a playoff is being blocked so that the decision makers can

… keep the gravy train rolling for those constituencies – the bowls, fat cat boosters and administrators – at the expense of their schools’ and their sport’s economic best interests…

you might want to ask if that’s really how the numbers add up for the average SEC school.  I suspect that Mike Slive has squeezed the numbers a lot harder than Reid gives him credit for.  It doesn’t add up, as much as Reid wants it to.

Hey, I at least want to give him credit for this nice piece of snark, though.


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Iowa football is like… totally hot.

Nothing like watching your school kick ass in a football game to get the sexual juices flowing.

While the Iowa Hawkeyes were scoring at will on the field Saturday night, two fans from the Hawkeye State were scoring elsewhere in the Metrodome.

Police say a man and woman were “having relations” in a bathroom stall as a crowd cheered them on.

Ross M. Walsh, 26, of Linden, Iowa, and Lois K. Feldman, 38, of Carroll, Iowa, were cited for misdemeanor indecent conduct…

The predictable part of the story?  “Both were intoxicated, said Deputy Minneapolis Police Chief Chuck Miner.”

The part with a twist?

Walsh was released to his girlfriend and Feldman to her husband, police said.

Bet those were a couple of fun rides home.  I wonder if they’re planning on going to the bowl game.


UPDATE: She’d never met the guy before having sex with him, she’s lost her job over the incident and her husband is still supportive.  That’s one weird story.


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Consolation prize

I’ve been hoping, but not expecting, that Tennessee would boldly go where no SEC school has gone before and take a chance on a Mike Leach hire, both in terms of seeing how a Big XII offensive attack would translate into the SEC and also because the guy truly marches to a different beat.

Alas, if the internet rumors swirling around are true, it looks like the Vols are headed in a different direction with Lane Kiffin.  However, Chris Low does give me some hope of a personality injection if this is in fact the case.

…What I know to be fact is that Kiffin has already started talking to people about coming with him to Tennessee. One of those people is former Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron, now an assistant with the New Orleans Saints. Orgeron was a recruiting whiz at Ole Miss, and he worked with Kiffin on the Southern California staff earlier this decade. I could see Orgeron coming as either a defensive coordinator, associate head coach and/or recruiting coordinator…

Coach O in urnge country?   That’s got some potential.

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Profiles in delusion

If you’re not surfing the Georgia Tech message boards this week, you’re missing some comedy gold.  They’re as confident a bunch as they were in 2006.

My current favorite topic comes from the posters speculating about whether Spurrier’s (always the typical Tech fan’s favorite coach to live through vicariously) visitor’s scoring record might be in jeopardy, based on Tech’s epic 41-point scoring barrage laid on Miami last week.

For the record, that vaunted Tech triple option has scored less than 20 points in a game this year more times (five) than it’s broken 30 (four).  And for what it’s worth, Georgia has exceeded 41 points four times this season.

Keep on truckin’, fellas.


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Mumme Poll, Week 13

As might be expected, Texas Tech’s blowout loss to Oklahoma had some impact on the voting.  The Sooners have climbed into a four way tie for first.  Overall, there’s a great deal of consolidation in our minds all the way down to the thirteenth slot, but with this week’s slate of rivalry games and next week’s conference championships, I don’t believe all of that will last.


T1.    Alabama (39)

T1.    Florida (39)

T1.    Oklahoma (39)

T1.    Texas (39)

5.      Southern Cal (22)

6.      Texas Tech (8)

7.      Penn State (4)

T8.    Utah

T8.    Georgia

10.    Ohio State

11.    Oklahoma State

12.    Missouri

13.    Boise State

T14.  Georgia Tech

T14.  Oregon State

T16.  Cincinnati

T16.  TCU



  • We lost two voters and one ranking spot this week, as only seventeen schools received votes.  There’s a huge drop from 13th to 14th in the number of votes.
  • If Oregon State beats Oregon this weekend, I expect the Beavers will jump up in our rankings, based on many of your comments.
  • Lots of indecision about Georgia’s merit, but almost everyone cast a vote for the Dawgs in the end.
  • No LSU this week.
  • Penn State got some top five love this time around.  JoePa thanks you.
  • Utah was left off of one ballot, but received five top five votes on the others.
  • Blog posts on the Mumme Poll:  The Hobnail Boot; Thinking Bulldog; Runaround Sue’s; A Bulldog in Exile.

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First thoughts on Georgia-Georgia Tech

I’m not going to break down any keys for the game with this post.  I’ll save some of that for later in the week, when I’m trying to fight off a turkey-induced coma.

Instead, I’ve got a word I want to drop on you:  malaise.

Here’s something Realist posted at his blog yesterday.

Georgia’s fanbase seems to be rather scared, no… that’s not the word… I’m not sure there is a word… let’s try horrifraidypantywaistedaghastmentness’d, of Georgia Tech. This is a response that, quite frankly stuns me. It’s almost like losing to Tech would validate the feeling of it all slipping away…

Let me just say that I second that emotion.  Where did all this dread come from?

Look, I don’t ask this as a knock on what Tech’s accomplished so far this year.  And I’ve said all along that Paul Johnson was a home run as a hire on the Flats.  I’ll even grant that the Jackets and their coach are motivated to play this Saturday (although, as Paul asks, so what?).  I still don’t see where this attitude is coming from.

Sure, Tech walloped Miami last week.  That’s the Miami team ranked 90th in total offense in the country this year (not to be confused with the higher ranked Miami of Ohio offense, by the way).  The Miami team whose offensive coordinator is the same guy that couldn’t help Reggie Ball count to four in 2004.  Somehow, I expect Stafford and Bobo to perform a little more competently against the Jacket defense this Saturday.

As for those 472 rushing yards Tech picked up, Miami’s defense, ranked #57 nationally against the run, looked dazed and confused, no doubt.  As the game rolled on, the ‘Canes looked more and more like they didn’t like the weather and didn’t want to be out there.  As maligned as Georgia’s run defense has been of late, it’s still ranked fifteenth in the nation.  Tech’s run defense ranks 29th – where’s the concern about how the Jackets will handle Moreno?

None of this is offered as a prediction, just as context.

Then, there’s the concern over the team’s frame of mind.  As usual, Barnhart pulled out the “if Georgia doesn’t take them seriously” card yesterday.

Georgia Tech has a couple of big things going for them on Saturday against Georgia. No. 1, the Yellow Jackets are going to be very excited about playing this game. I could be wrong, but I just don’t get the sense that the Bulldogs are that jacked up about playing the state rival…

Based on what, Barnhart doesn’t say.  But I’ll say this right now – Mark Richt has proven himself to be a good student of the history of this program and I have no doubt at all that he recognizes the significance of a win this Saturday.  It’s a chance for the Dawgs to rewrite the record books.

In other words, this team has a chance to make some history for itself, to do something that no other Georgia squad has ever done before.  If that hasn’t been stressed to this bunch repeatedly over the two weeks of preparation and, more importantly, if that message can’t serve to motivate these kids more than the typical rivalry game already should, I’d be seriously disappointed.

Fortunately, I’m already seeing a hint that nobody in red and black is taking this game for granted.

Said Collins: “It is a little bit more challenging, but because it is Georgia Tech, I think the kids are buying in a little bit more.”

By the way, Vegas isn’t buying the weak-kneed stuff.  Sheridan has Georgia as an 8.5 point favorite. Considering that it’s a rivarly game between two ranked opponents with seventeen wins between them, that’s a pretty strong vote of confidence.

Have a little faith, folks.


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Tuesday morning buffet

The chafing dishes are fired up… sample some of these tidbits:


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My Mumme Poll ballot, Week 13


  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Oklahoma
  • Southern California
  • Texas


  • Georgia
  • Missouri
  • Ohio State
  • Oklahoma State
  • Penn State
  • Texas Tech
  • Utah


  • Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but given the fact that I already had Southern Cal ranked ahead of Oklahoma in last week’s ballot, it wasn’t too hard to construct this vote.  Texas Tech clearly doesn’t deserve to be ranked ahead of Oklahoma at this point.  I don’t have a problem ranking the Red Raiders behind Texas, either, given that the Longhorns’ strength of schedule is superior to TT’s and given how close the game in Lubbock between the two wound up being.
  • As for the Texas-Oklahoma debate, you really can’t beat this format, can you?
  • If I feel guilty about anything, it’s where I’m ranking Penn State.  One narrow loss on the road, yet the Nittany Lions aren’t worthy of top five consideration?  What’s up with that?
  • I know it’s fashionable to give Boise State a lot of love right now, but when you struggle down to the last play of the game to put away a 6-5 Nevada squad, that doesn’t raise my level of confidence.  Utah, on the other hand, looked very good going away against a ranked BYU team.
  • On the fringe, I’m watching Oregon State and (I can’t believe I’m typing this) Florida State.  I don’t think FSU has enough offense to keep up with the Gators, but if it pulls off the upset…

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Georgia-Georgia Tech 2007: Chantastic!

If the musical question going into this game was “Reggie or Chan?”, the answer was “both, silly”.  While Gailey channeled his inner Steve Spurrier and kept trotting out quarterback after quarterback, none of them played a decisive role – for good or for bad – in the inevitable Tech defeat.

Meanwhile, defensive guru Jon Tenuta had Knowshon Moreno in his sights.  His charges did a good job of bottling Moreno up, limiting him to 45 yards on 17 carries.  Unfortunately, they failed to account for #20.  Thomas Brown shredded the Jackets’ defense to the tune of 17 carries for 139 yards.  Georgia gained more that day on the average Brown carry than it did on the average Matt Stafford pass.

The most memorable carry of Brown’s day came on this immaculately executed toss sweep that led to Brown’s only touchdown.  Brannan Southerland, in particular, was a complete beast.  The blocking was perfect and nobody laid a finger on Brown as he scored from 32 yards out.

Final score:  Georgia 31, Georgia Tech 17.

In a vague echo from 2000, Gailey would be out of a job before the bowl game.  Just like Reggie Ball, he would never know what it was like to beat Georgia.  (Gailey’s departure wouldn’t make much difference, as Georgia Tech lost to Fresno State on a blue turf and finished the season with a Gaileyesque 7-5 record.)



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So just how bad is the economy?

Personally, I figure Bill Snyder’s 401(k) must be completely in the toilet.  There’s no other reason to explain this move.


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