A couple of SEC coaching notes

Two things I saw on the internets today:

  • It sounds like Tuberville expects to keep his job.  It also sounds as if he’s prepared to throw a few assistant coaches under the bus with the new OC hire.  Does anyone doubt those two matters are related?
  • Man, talk about your unlikely source, but this post sure gives me some measure of consolation about UT’s hire of Lane Kiffin.  Thanks, HP!


UPDATE: Will Collier has some thoughts of his own on those Auburn assistant coaches and they aren’t complimentary.


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5 responses to “A couple of SEC coaching notes

  1. peacedog

    I know they’re going to bring Monte in (or I keep reading that, is it still speculation?), but I think it is a questionable hire.


  2. Ahh, Auburn. It’s that time of year again!


  3. RaleighDawg

    Have you seen Kiffin’s wife, Lane not Monte? She is smoking. Not that a head coach having a hot wife is news, but a reason for me to pay attention to big urnge.


  4. Macallanlover

    I saw her at the presser Raleigh, and you are right. I am not sure he will prove to be a keeper, but she certainly is. I am withholding judgement on him, it may work, probably won’t, but she is a true asset. Could make in-home recruiting visits successful for sure. (I like it though when there are as many posts about her as there are about him!)

    He may work out for UT but you have to wonder why a school that has their resources would take a risk like Kiffin. No HC experience and no recruiting ties in the SE. Granted, bring dad along and talking about all the ties to the NFL will influence some kids. Seems like a roll of the dice they didn’t have to take, but it is an interesting play. I feel pretty good knowing he is loading up the staff with family though, that strategy has a bad track record in CFB recently (Holtz, Spurrier, Bowden.)


  5. kckd

    Spurrier is already accusing Kiffin of cheating. Ya gotta love ole Stevie.


    And I gotta agree with dr saturday here. That “it’s gonna be fun hearing Rocky Top when we beat Florida next year”. That doesn’t sound like a 33 yeard old, but more like a 13 year old.

    If you’re gonna talk smack at least be good at it.