Mumme Poll, Week 14

Eighteen teams received votes from the thirty seven ballots cast, which means we lost two more voters this week.


T1.    Alabama (37)

T1.    Oklahoma (37)

T1.    Texas (37)

4.      Florida (36)

5.      Southern Cal (26)

6.      Penn State (4)

7.      Texas Tech (2)

8.      Ohio State

9.      Utah

10.    Boise State

11.    TCU

12.    Oklahoma State

13.    Cincinnati

T14.  Ball State

T14.  Georgia Tech

16.    Boston College

17.    Missouri

18.    Mississippi



  • Georgia who?  I find it interesting that the Dawgs didn’t get a single vote, yet Missouri, which basically wet the bed in the same way that Georgia did, still got enough love to crack our top 18.  Maybe this is an example of bias in reverse.
  • Ohio State made an appearance on every ballot, but received zero top five votes.
  • On the other hand, Utah and Boise State received top five votes (Utah got more than Texas Tech did), but were left off of one or more ballots.
  • Two – count ’em, two! – ACC teams show up this week, along with one Big East team.
  • Southern Cal slowly but steadily picks up two or three more top five votes each week.
  • Very broad consensus on the ten best teams this week; after that, it spreads out pretty quickly.
  • Blogs talking Mumme Poll:  The Hobnail Boot; Runaround Sue’s; A Bulldog in Exile; Hunker Down Dawg.

Hard to believe, but next week will be our final regular season ballot of 2008.



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7 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 14

  1. Munson's_call

    I find it strange Missouri got votes as well. Maybe people didn’t realize they lost to Kansas Saturday?

    It came down to TCU and Cincinnati to get the final spot for me. They both lost on the road to Oklahoma. They both have another road loss with TCU’s being to a ranked team by only 3 points and Cincy’s a blowout loss to UConn. Edge to TCU there.

    The problem I had with TCU is the wins are not very impressive. I ended up giving the spot to Cincy based on their wins seeming to be of a higher quality. I could have easily gone the other way and probably could be convinced to give the spot to TCU though.

    Next week will be interesting. Do you punish a team that plays in a conference with a championship game? Is it fair to drop the loser of Alabama and Florida because they earned the right to play for a conference title by excelling over the conference competition? Texas and Texas Tech have no risk of losing this week but I am sure they wish they did. Texas Tech can move up in the poll though because they don’t play this week. Is that fair?


  2. Macallanlover

    Interesting question with multiple answers to me. I would drop Oklahoma if they lost to Mizzou because I don’t expect that to even be a close match-up. Getting beat by a much lower ranked team would require me to reassess my feelings about OU (which are VERY high btw), and consequently take a closer look at Mizzou because they did not make my Top 12.

    On the other hand, if Bama and Florida play a close match up, I would not drop either of them out of my Top 5 because I would expect a competitive game from two teams ranked very close to one another. A closely contested game would cement their position in the Top 5 to me, not jeopardize it. If one were to blow the other away, I would evaluate teams sitting just outside my Top 5 and see if they deserve to be moved ahead of the losing team when weighing the total body of work. You are right, teams should not be punished/rewarded for the extra game. Just add the results to the total mix.


  3. bulldoginexile

    I don’t get the Mizzu thing either. Of course, I nearly considered UGA, but just couldn’t bring myself to put a three loss team with those three losses in the consideration with two undefeateds and two more with two or three losses that were not the embarrassing losses that Georgia had (I suppose that could be reverse bias, too).

    I don’t care how unimpressive the wins by TCU are, any win in the Big East is less impressive. That is why TCU is on my ballot and no Big East team or ACC team is.

    Quick question, will we vote post bowl?


  4. It’s my intention to do a post bowl ballot. I’ll blog something about it after the final regular season vote is in.


  5. Ally

    This just in from ESPN – Hall Mumme fired today from New Mexico State.


  6. Munson’s Call…
    Is it fair to move a team up when they don’t play? I don’t know. But, I can think of a team that went into the last weekend ranked #4 (but did not play) and had #1 and #2 get beat by teams not in the Top 5. Then, the team ranked #4 moved DOWN to #5.

    Damn I miss that team!


  7. Macallanlover

    Senator, I agree with a post-bowl ballot since the bowls may provide some differentiation which we did not get enough of in the regular season. My expectation is will be a much more difficult ballot than those for the past several weeks. It is likely to have more teams getting votes as well.