Stretching you from sideline to sideline

Quite simply, I am in awe of Smart Football’s Chris Brown.

Read this bad boy and tell me you aren’t, too.


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8 responses to “Stretching you from sideline to sideline

  1. dean

    I do have to tip my hat to Myer and admit I was wrong in saying the spread wouldn’t work in the SEC. I could also say the same to Paul Johnson about his option in the ACC. That doesn’t mean I like either of them but they have proved me wrong. DAMN IT!


  2. Dog in Fla

    All UGA fans should tip their hats to Saban, Meyer and Paul Johnson.

    Our players were as good as or better but we flat out got our butts beat. Those coaches rank up there with Spurrier when he coaching Florida.

    As Bum Phillips said of Bear Byrant or somebody or something like that:

    “Not only can he take his’n and beat your’n;
    he can take your’n and beat his’n.”

    And we had the best quarterback, tailback and freshman receiver in the country.

    If I’m Stafford or Moreno, it’s NFL all the way unless and until we get a tough defensive coordinator and someone who has a clue about special teams. The most explosive offense in UGA history went down the drain this year without a divisional championship.

    Until we get some gunny sargeants (other than Rodney) on our staff who can instill fear and discipline (See, e.g., Saban, Meyer, Paul Johnson), we are still going to get it handed to us even though we can outrecruit ’em.


  3. shadrach

    One fine article. One thing I will note is that if you have good safety play, Johnson’s offense is easier to stop. The ability of Tebow to make accurate throws, long and short, is what sets his ability and Meyer’s offense apart from others. I played safety back in the day when most teams ran a form of the option or veer, as it was called then. It is pure responsibility football. But, as Chris points our splendidly, the ability to throw out of those sets is a nightmare for your safeties.

    Well done, Chris.


  4. Robert

    “The most explosive offense in UGA history went down the drain this year without a divisional championship.” –Dog in Fla

    -So true.


  5. That may be the first thing I’ve ever read on the Internet that made me feel smarter.

    Not just like I’d learned something, but that the cells of my brain had actually improved.


  6. AceG8tr

    I’m with you, Senator–Chris Brown is amazing. Do you know what is background is?



  7. AG, I’ve got no idea. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across his blog in the first place. I’m just glad I did.


  8. NCT

    I’ll come back and try to read it later. I got distracted by “moreso” and “dispell”. Ugh.