The OBC retools.

In what has to be one of the true WTF? decisions in recent SEC history, Steve Spurrier has added Woody McCorvey to his staff.

On Tuesday, Spurrier reached an agreement with former Mississippi State offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey to come in and coach receivers. McCorvey, who will coach in the bowl game for South Carolina, is a veteran coach with strong recruiting ties throughout the southeast. This is his second stint at South Carolina. He’s also coached at Alabama, Clemson and Tennessee.

You would think that the title “former Mississippi State offensive coordinator” would be the kiss of death for a guy whose offenses finished eleventh, twelfth, eleventh, twelfth and tenth in the SEC in total offense during his tenure, but it seems you’d be wrong.   Maybe Spurrier will take a page out of George Costanza’s playbook and do the opposite of what McCorvey advises.  Or maybe their agreement is that McCorvey is paying Spurrier to have a place on the staff.

And Spurrier may need to save the money to pay for a new defensive coordinator if Chris Low’s speculation about the coach to replace Croom at MSU plays out.  How ironic would that be?


UPDATE: As noted in the comments, somebody had second thoughts and the deal’s fallen through.


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8 responses to “The OBC retools.

  1. Ally

    Who did he fire in order to make room for McCorvey?


  2. Reaves left to go work with his brother-in-law at Tennessee and Hunt (the o-line coach) was let go.


  3. Well, now the deal has fallen through. I don’t think it would have been such a crazy move if it had worked out, though. McCorvey was a horrible OC, but he was actually a pretty good position coach before he got to MSU. Some people aren’t cut out to be coordinators, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good at some things.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Maybe if Missippi State hires Ellis Johnson as its new head coach, Spurrier will take coach Martinez from us.

    Or worse yet, Rodney Gardner as the new DC at South Carolina.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Tubbs may be looking for somewhere other than the Plains next year as the Aubbies get itchy again. Word is Leech or Petrino, believe it or not.


  6. You guys can keep Martinez. Could we have Stafford instead?


  7. I’d even give you Smelley. How’s that sound?


  8. CLTDawg