Who’s the dean of SEC coaches now?

Raise your hand if over the summer you thought you’d see Fulmer and Tuberville ousted by their schools before year’s end.


UPDATE: Nick Saban weighs in. To the surprise of absolutely no one, he says it’s college administrators’ and the media’s fault.


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18 responses to “Who’s the dean of SEC coaches now?

  1. Dog in Fla

    Sitting on my hands now.

    In the SEC (Strictly Eliminates Coaches), you’re only as good as your last hit record.

    Clemson hired Dabo Sweeney too quickly. Tuberville would feast in the ACC.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Guess Tubbs was not going to let Bobby Lowder or anyone else tell him who his assistant coaches should be. And if so, you have to admire him for that. His severance package will be great and some other school will snap him up quicker than a cat can lick its ass.

    What are they smoking? Maybe the Texas Tech Airshow will be coming in for a landing on the Plains but they are certainly not used to aerial football like that in Auburn.


  3. Jim

    Leach is a West Coast guy stuck in west Texas where even the locals admit there is nothing there. He will go to Washington before he goes to Auburn.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    Leach won’t go to Auburn, but I wish he would.

    He’s actually a lot like Tubs. He’s an 8-4 coach with one outlying exceptional season.


  5. Macallanlover

    Like Paul Johnson, I don’t want Mike Leach coaching a school that is on our schedule every year. He may be eccentric, but the man can coach an offense and unconventional offenses are dangerous. I agree Tubbs would have been a great fit at Clemson. I don’t really get why the Clemson AD was in such a hurry to sign a coach no one was going after anyway. Tubbs’ possible availability was widely speculated for weeks so there must have been no interest. Bad decision, imo, and reminds me of the snap judgement at WVU last bowl season.


  6. Ally

    Doesn’t that make CMR the senior Coach in the league now? Or was Bobby Johnson hired before CMR?


  7. ***Ding, ding*** We have a winner! Richt is in fact now the longest serving coach at the same SEC school.


  8. a redcoat

    we need to throw the house at tubs to try to get him on defensive staff


  9. kckd

    I can’t say that I’m shocked about Fulmer, I didn’t think there season would go this bad, but I thought it was important for him to at least be in the thick of the SEC championship hunt well into the season and if he lost to UGA and UF early that he’d be on the hotseat no matter what he did with the rest of the schedule. There was a very good chance going in that even with a good team he’d have three losses after the UGA game with Auburn on the schedule too.

    Tubs, yeah, total shock. Not only how bad they played but the fact that they gave him on chance at redemption.

    Fulmer had already had the redemption season before so UT was just tired of it.


  10. kckd

    It’s the unconventional rushing offense that give us trouble. These pass, pass, pass, no run offenses we usually handle pretty well. Granted, we haven’t seen it run with BCS type talent but I haven’t seen one of those dominate us yet.


  11. NM

    What the hell is Auburn thinking? I know it’s a “resignation” but AU is paying the buyout, so that’s obviously BS. He may be “an 8-4 coach with one good year” but who are they gonna get that’s any better? Other than the hiring and firing of Franklin, he’s had a hell of a run. They’d do well to remember that for every Richt, there’s a Callahan, in terms of replacing a decent-but-not-great coach. And Tubs actually flirted with greatness sometimes!

    All in all though: Whatever. AU will probably get screwed, which bothers me not a bit. Tubs will get a lot of money and a new job, so good for him. (And since UT already hired a new coach, we won’t have to deal with him for awhile.) So whatever. I do think he would’ve been a great fit at Tennessee, though.

    (Who knows: Maybe Tubs goes to Miss St or somewhere, Kiffin flames out in a year or two, and we end up with Tommy the Vol anyway. That sounds about like the SEC…)


  12. Thomas Brown

    TOMMY TUBERVILLE, who had a LOSING RECORD AGAINST UGA (4-6) is FORCED OUT at Auburn by BOBBY LOWDER, who said he will pay the $6 million dollar buyout clause, opening speculation again that Tubs will go to CLEMSON – and, put Yabba Dabba Do back at wide receivers coach (Curious Choice anyway.) Ultimately, Tubs ouster is based upon his WEAK SCHEDULES EVERY YEAR.

    Tubs had played very weak opponents year after year for a decade, and LOST A TON OF THOSE GAMES AGAINST UNRANKED TEAMS.

    This season, Tubs managed to not beat any ranked team today. Tubs’ Losses this year included to No. 52 Vandie, No. 64 Arkansas (5-7), No. 37 West Virginia, No. 39 LSU, and Lost to Ole Miss – NOT A 1 OF WHICH IS RANKED IN THE BCS TOP 25 today.

    This was typical for the stint at Auburn for Tuberville. Every single year, Tubs played WEAK SCHEDULE STRENGTHS AND LOST GAMES TO UNRANKED TEAMS.

    This season, in addition Tubs LOST to both ranked teams he played in addition to LOSING TO ALL THESE FIVE (5) UNRANKED TEAMS.

    Tubs LOST to the ONLY RANKED TEAMS ON HIS SCHEDULE IN BOTH OF THE LAST TWO (2) GAMES, against Georgia and then Bama.


    Not 1 QB in the entire Tommy Tuberville Decade at Auburn.

    Tuberville just could not recruit Quarterbacks.

    85-40 puts Tommy Tuberville Number 20 in the nation in Wins during this tenure, and NOTE PLEASE this is AGAINST WEAK SCHEDULES.

    And, no quarterbacks.

    UGA in the same period from 1999 to 2008 to-date, is not 85-40 in 20th place, but 97-30 in 5th place in the nation in wins starting 1999.

    The reason for this is that UGA recruited quarterbacks EVERY YEAR and next year again, no different with yet two (2) MORE Top 10 Quarterbacks in the nation to give UGA now 6 Top 10 Quarterbacks recruited for this team next season.

    It’s amazing.

    8-10 is Tuberville’s All-Time Record against BCS Out-of-Conference Opponents. That’s 10 seasons and Tubs Won only 8 games against non-conference BCS Opponents.

    That doesn’t hack it. Sorry. 8 wins in 10 seasons against BCS non-conference opponents. That’s 2 short of 1 a year. How in the Hell can you have only 8 wins against BCS non-conference opponents in ten (10) years ?

    In Ten (10) years, Tubs Won ONLY FIVE (5) Bowl Games.

    He was always relegated to a meaningless bowl game, and while he won only 5 bowl games in his Decade at Auburn, UGA who played in three times as many Sugar Bowl Games for example during this period, Won 7 Bowl Games.

    Tubs did not have a winning record against Coach Richt.

    The nation looked down upon Auburn during the Tuberville Era for his LACK of Quarterback recruits and for his very poor Strength of Schedule, and thought little of the mail-order online classes his athletes took. But, ultimately it was his schedules where he LOST EVERY YEAR inexplicable losses to lousy teams that did him in. He LOST to 5 teams this season who were UNRANKED OPPONENTS in the BCS Top 25 Poll today. That is not good.


  13. Two thoughts:

    – If Kodi Burns sticks the TD pass on 4th down against Georgia, is Tubbs still at Auburn?

    – If Georgia doesn’t administer a thorough beatdown of top-5 Auburn in 2006, is Tubbs still at Auburn? (remember, they were in line for a BCS at-large)


  14. ArchDawg

    Saban’s right I must say, the situation is ridiculous the kind of pressure that exists to win in this league. I mean, Tuberville just had a 13-0 season a few years ago, beat his top rival 6 straight years, perennial top-10 team…and Mississippi State? Come on, 5-7/6-6 is the historical mean for that program. It may have been time for Fulmer to go at Tennessee, but they arguably did not upgrade at all with their new hire (time will tell). What’s next?


  15. NM

    Thomas Brown — AU doesn’t have a BCS non-conf rival like some of us do. And most SEC schools don’t schedule other BCS conf teams that aren’t rivals very often (UGA is an exception of late). How many BCS non-conf wins has LSU has per year? I would bet it’s less than one too. That’s a stupid reason to fire someone, especially since ADs make the schedule anyway.


  16. NM

    Then again, ESPN headline:
    “Tuberville’s resignation comes as shock to Auburn AD” (sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=3744885)



  17. Saban’s right I must say, the situation is ridiculous the kind of pressure that exists to win in this league.

    Well, yeah… except the guy is getting paid $4 million a year to deal with it. 😉


  18. Thomas Brown

    It’s not just the five (5) teams who are not ranked that Tuberville Lost to this season, less we act like we have forgotten the legacy of Losing to unranked teams that indeed Tuberville had at Auburn.

    2008 Lost to BCS No. 60 Arkansas.
    2008 Lost to BCS No. 52 Vandie.
    2008 Lost to BCS No. 39 LSU.
    2008 Lost to BCS No. 37 West Virginia.
    2008 Lost to BCS No. 27 Ole Miss.
    2007 Lost to not Top 25 Final AP Poll South Florida.
    2007 Lost to not Top 25 Final AP Poll Mississippi State.
    2005 Lost to not Top 25 Final AP Poll Georgia Tech.
    2003 Lost to not Top 25 Final AP Poll Georgia Tech.
    2002 Lost to not Top 25 Final AP Poll Arkansas.
    2002 Lost to not Top 25 Final AP Poll Florida.
    2001 Lost to not Top 25 Final AP Poll Arkansas.
    2001 Lost to not Top 25 Final AP Poll Alabama.
    2001 Lost to not Top 25 Final AP Poll North Carolina.

    That is fourteen teams Tommy Tuberville Lost to starting 2001, not a single solitary 1 of which was ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 teams.

    Tubs beat some teams, but he wasn’t fired for beating teams.

    Tubs was fired for Losing to fourteen (14) teams the last eight (8) years, none of which were Final AP Poll Top 25 teams.

    Beating Idaho, Central Florida, Wyoming, Northern Illinois, Louisiana Tech, Ball State, Louisiana Tech again, Appalachian State, Syracuse, UL Monroe, Western Kentucky, UL Monroe again, UL Monroe a third time, the Citadel (Is any of this coming back to you now?), Louisiana Tech a third time, Ball State again, Western Kentucky again, Washington State, Buffalo, Tulane, Arkansas State, Kansas State, New Mexico State, Tennessee Tech, UL Monroe a fourth time, Southern Miss, and Tennessee Martin – just doesn’t sound like that good a record out-of-conference sir by anyone’s measure but yours alone.

    Not when he LOST to 14 not Final AP Poll Top 25 teams the last 8 years.

    Tuberville had easy schedules, yet he Lost to 14 not Top 25 Final AP Poll teams. Deadly combination and ultimately why he is no longer there.

    LSU Lost to Ole Miss and Arkansas neither of which are BCS Top 25 teams today, but that is not 5 losses to unranked teams and anyway, Tubs Lost to LSU. Last season, LSU Lost to Arkansas and Kentucky neither who made the Final AP Poll, but 4 Losses in the last 2 years to unranked Final AP Poll Top 25 teams is not 7 like Tubs did. 2006 LSU lost to no unranked teams. 2005 the vols were the only unranked team to beat LSU. 2004 LSU lost to no non Top 25 team. 2003 LSU Lost to no non Top 25 team. 2002 LSU Lost to Arkansas who did not make the Final AP Poll Top 25. 2001 only Ole Miss not in the Final AP Poll beat LSU.

    So, going back to 2001 LSU has Lost to a grand total of eight (8) teams who were not Final AP Poll Top 25 teams.

    Tubs Lost to 14.

    Are LSU’s 8 Losses to non-Top 25 Final AP Poll teams the last 8 years the worst team besides Tommy Tuberville at Auburn since 2001 who Lost 14 games against teams not in the Final AP Poll Top 25 ?

    Excuse me for answering, Tubs was twice as bad as LSU the last 8 years losing to unranked teams. Is that what you want me to tell you, or you can’t look it up yourself ?

    My point is valid, using your best shot you should have looked up yourself instead of insinuating that you know that LSU has done more poorly even than Tuberville the last 8 years Losing 14 games to non-Top 25 Final AP Poll teams.