Change I can drink to

Never forget December 5th, my friends.  Sometimes our government corrects its mistakes.

Good to the last drop.

Good to the last drop.

Have a few on me.


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4 responses to “Change I can drink to

  1. Pawleys Dawg

    Hear, Hear!


  2. Kit

    Thank you, Good Senator, for reminding me that I do have a great excuse to get totally bent tonight.

    Also, I would like to thank the U.S. Gov’t for doing something about prohibition. Thankfully, they ended it before the mafia got out..of…..con-trol.



  3. bulldoginexile

    Ah, yes. Drink, the only reason to get out of bed at 11.


  4. GreenvilleDawg

    Looks like South Carolina went against the grain when it came time to ratify. At least we don’t have the airplane bottles in restaurants and bars when we order our liquor.