Envy and jealousy: Auburn coaching angst division

At The Joe Cribbs Car Wash, Jerry outdoes himself with this paragraph about someone who should be persona non grata in the Auburn head coaching search that’s gotten underway:

Bobby Petrino. This is not an option. There’s the no-compete clause in his contract, the fact that he just arrived at Arkansas and Auburn won’t pay him THAT much more, the fact that we all know he may be the brightest slimeweasel in college coaching today but that he’s still a slimeweasel. Seriously, if Auburn hires this guy, Jacobs might as well bring a cardboard cutout of Tubby to the press conference and take a dump on it, so we’ve got the clearest understanding possible of how much respect he’d have for Tubby’s legacy.

Yeah, that would be clear.  Although I bet they could sell tickets to the press conference if it happened.

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