Meanwhile, in Starkville, Mississippi

If this report is true, that hire’s a home run for the Bulldogs.  And they sure went about their business quickly and without drama.

Man, the SEC doesn’t get any easier, does it?


UPDATE: From the horse’s mouth, not gonna happen.  If the story below Petersen’s denial is true, that’s a boatload of money he turned down.


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12 responses to “Meanwhile, in Starkville, Mississippi

  1. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    This was the type of hire that I was worried about from Auburn and Tennessee. Coach from a smaller school who can build a successful program moving to a program with big time resources (a la Meyer at UF). I worry less about it at MSU.


  2. Macallanlover

    I agree Bryan, Petersen would be a very dangerous hire at TN. I understand TN was in a hurry, but Clem’s Son and The Barn missed on this one as well. Surprised he wasn’t near the top of everyone’s list. He has been very impressive as a HC with average talent, but he will be challenged to jumpstart that offense at MSU. Probably will have to go the JUCO route for a while.

    Now if Auburn gets Leach think of the West, Petrino, Petersen, Leach, Miles, and Nutt. If they could exchange Florida for Bama, it would look like an eastern version of the Big 12 with their high flying offenses. Every year the SECCG would be guaranteed a matchup of a traditional team against a wide-open offense like we should have tomorrow at the Dome. Hard to figure the game tomorrow for that very reason. Fun times ahead!


  3. Damn. What a steal. I dare say that’ll beat anything Auburn does.

    Well done, Lesser Bulldogs.


  4. JasonC

    The advantage Miss St had over the other 2 schools, was that it didn’t have any huge baggage to overcome when hiring. Do you thing the Maroon Dogs were crying, “we have to have someone with ties to the program!” or “we have to win the SECCG or get to a BCS bowl in 3 years”? No. They just needed someone to show improvement.

    The other reason not to worry too much about this is, not to be mean, but Miss St is a stepping stone coaching job. Can you see anyone deciding to make a career in Stickville? If he does win there, which he could, then I am sure he would try to parlay that into a job at a big school.


  5. DAve

    Home run is right… and we ain’t talking no wind-aided job, either. This is Cecil Fielder/Dave Kingman territory here.


  6. NRBQ


    You left one off your West list. He’s coaching in the dome tomorrow, dammit.


  7. The quote of the day makes me want to punch everyone in the face.


  8. DAve

    ESPN now reporting that Petersen will not take the MS State job.


  9. Macallanlover

    Yes, someone jumped the gun on reporting this. It was so widespread he had to issue a statement. I had seen it on two other sites before seeing it here.

    NRBQ, the reason Saban was mentioned was I felt he doesn’t belong with the others, that was why I said swap him for florida. That would get all the newbies in one division and the old school offenses in the other.


  10. If I was a Boise State fan, Peterson’s obligatory denial statement certainly was unreassuringly vague. Interpretation: “I am not taking the Miss. State job. Instead, I will be taking the ___________ job.”


  11. Ditto Hunker Down


  12. JasonC

    So I was thinking today, Petersen is a hot name and he has a good record at Boise State, who if I heard correct, has the best winning percentage over the past 10 years, but he also stepped in after the Ole’ Zen Master built up the program.
    After Hawkins got notoriety, he took a job in Boulder. Anyone notice how the Dan Hawkins Project is going? I know the situation was bad for the Buffs when he arrived, but he hasn’t exactly lit it up there.