SECCG thoughts

After surfing the ‘net and listening to the radio and TV pundits, I think it’s safe to say that this is a consensus opinion on how tomorrow’s game lays out for most folks.

I’m going to stick with a comment I made a couple of weeks back, though.  Barring the usual turnover disclaimer, I think the SECCG boils down to which John Parker Wilson shows up.

Take a look at’s passing game log for ‘Bama this season.  Whatever adjective you might want to use to describe JPW’s year to date, “consistent” isn’t likely to be your first choice.  I’m not saying he has to turn in a game like he did against Georgia for the Tide to have  a chance to win (although that sure wouldn’t hurt), but if he gives an effort tomorrow like he did against Tulane or even LSU – where he got bailed out by a worse performance from the opposing QB – I don’t see how ‘Bama can stay in the game.

The good news if you’re a ‘Bama fan is that Wilson saved his three best performances for big games – against two ranked opponents and the Iron Bowl.  It doesn’t get any bigger for Alabama this year than tomorrow.


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14 responses to “SECCG thoughts

  1. Senator,

    Your last sentence sounds an awfully lot Barnhartish. ;>)

    I agree about John Peter Paul and Mary though.


  2. Just ’cause it’s clichéd doesn’t mean it’s not true. 😉


  3. How many yards would Troy ROLL UP on either team? That’s the key.

    I think Bama is boned, personally.


  4. JasonC

    Like Kyle alluded to, no one thought the ’92 Bama team deserved to be in the Superdome with “the u”, but the Tide’s defense and running game proved otherwise.
    Oh, and I think Barker was 2-14 in that game.
    It’s not a prediction, but rather a glimmer of hope.

    Also, don’t know if you read the other article about Tebow picking florida over Bama, but that was a quick kick in the nuts. A florida assistant told Meyer that “if Tebow doesn’t come to florida, it will set our program back 10 years.” Furthermore, it might have helped Shula stick around for a few more years. How great would that have been? A mediocre florida team, plus a Saban-less Bama that still wouldn’t have be great under Shula.


  5. Honestly, I don’t know if I believe the Tebow to Alabama story. He’s been quoted a number of times about it being a dream of his growing up to play for Florida.

    Plus, I recall a quote from someone who knows him and his family that the whole ‘Bama/Florida drama was played out for the benefit of the ESPN story on his recruitment.


  6. Ally

    As much as I loathe all things Floriduh, I’m simply giddy at the thought of seeing Bama get their doors blown off tomorrow. Nothing’s better than seeing crazy Bama fans have their hopes for an umpteenth mnc dashed…or seeing sarah jessica parker wilson & his raggedy ann hairdo run for their lives.

    boomer sooner!


  7. JasonC

    @ Ally,
    I respectfully disagree. I would rather see Meyer and florida get taken down a notch or two.


  8. ArchDawg

    Right JasonC
    Everyone’s practically given the title to Florida already, because they’re, what, ‘invincible’ or something. Uhhhhh. Quite frankly, this is getting to USC 04/05 levels of annoyance for me.


  9. Ally

    Jason – Yeh, I can understand that. Its truly a toss up for me. Either I win AND lose 😦


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  11. AceG8tr

    This has exactly the opposite dynamic as UF/OSU in 2006. Bama is #1, undefeated, and has to feel disrespected. Saban will have them *fired up* to play. The difference (I fervently hope) is that our defense is a heck of a lot better than OSU’s was in 06.


  12. Macallanlover

    You have nailed it Senator, it JPW has anywhere near the game he had against UGA, or TN 2007, I think Bama wins. He doesn’t have to be that great, just take care of the ball by not giving florida turnovers, or short fields. Alabama doesn’t have a quick strike offense so they cannot start out down early, but with that OL they can run right at the gators and keep Tebow off the field.

    With Harvin injured, I like Alabama’s chances of keeping this game close and low scoring. They play very disciplined football, and are better in the trenches. Wouldn’t shock me to see the Tide prevail. I am taking the 10 points and riding it hard on this game. Just feel Saban will have his team as focused as he did in Athens in late September. That team would have rolled florida too. I don’t think they can blow the gators out, but I have this fantasy of Bama calling timeout as the clock is running down and JPW (still in the game ala Tebow) hitting a long pass as time expires to win by 4+ TDs. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy than that sleezeball coach from Gainesville!


  13. Can you guys imagine the cryin’ we’ll have to put up with if Floriduh doesn’t win?


  14. Seriously

    Message to all you Gator haters…

    Suck it.