Sometimes the more things change, the more things change.

It looks as if there’s been a permanent turn in recruiting philosophy in Athens.

… Prior to landing offensive lineman Vince Vance and defensive linemen Corvey Irvin and Jarius Wynn from Georgia Military College, Georgia shied away from recruiting junior college players. The three transfers, however, have proved so successful, that Richt is hoping to land another group of stars this year.

“After our experience with Jarius, Corvey and Vince Vance, that was a very positive experience with those guys,” Richt said. “We went there as kind of a desperation situation, and not to say that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives there, but there are some very quality players and quality people, and we found three of them.”

According to, Georgia is recruiting three junior-college players this season: wide receivers Cameron Kenney from Garden City (Kansas) Community College and Leon Berry from East Mississippi Community College, along with junior college All-American defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul from Fort Scott Community College in Kansas.

I don’t think this is necessarily bad, but I do find it interesting, given how strongly Richt felt in the past about not recruiting JC players.   With the size of this year’s recruiting class, you just hope the coaches have done as accurate job evaluating these kids’ ability to contribute immediately as they did with the previous three.


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5 responses to “Sometimes the more things change, the more things change.

  1. Joe

    As good as Irvin and Wynn may have appeared to be, we have still seen what happens when JUCO players are the heart of one of your units.

    For every Terrance Cody there are a million Carl Moore’s.


  2. Kit

    “along with junior college All-American defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul from Fort Scott Community College in Kansas.”

    That collective “Thank God!” you hear is the Bulldog Nation.


  3. Christian

    I’m all for a few well-placed JUCO’s sprinkled throughout a particular year’s recruiting class. I don’t see any downside in going after Kenney, Perry or Pierre-Paul. There’s a huge difference between this philosophy and Kansas State having a class of 17 JUCO’s out of 20 (or whatever the number is).


  4. Ally

    Christian, exactly!

    The issue to me though is why we’re once again in this position of “desperation” in the first place.

    Either way, the Corey Irvin experiment in particular was a great success. The bonus came with his deep love for Georgia, his attitude & desire to win, and most importantly completing a degree. I can only imagine how proud his family must be of how hard he’s worked and how far he’s come. He earned that Senior Bowl honor for sure and I really hope to see him on an nfl roster next year!


  5. Christian

    Ally – thanks. I hate the idea of taking a JUCO as desperate – rather need focused. I just think there are times/positions that if you think a JUCO can really help – go for it. You just can’t build a sustainable program around having 1/2 or a majority of your incoming class be JUCO.

    Let’s see how it all pans out but I’d take Pierre-Paul and Kenney in a heartbeat.