There’s prolific. Then there’s Oklahoma’s offense.

I saw the screen graphic during the Big XII championship game, but I had to look it up to believe it.  Before tonight’s game, Oklahoma had been in its opponents’ red zone 71 times this season.  The Sooners scored touchdowns on 62 of those opportunities.  That’s an 87.2% touchdown ratio.  (Just for yucks, compare that to Georgia’s red zone scoring percentage of 85.11%.)

Holy mother of crap.

I’ll say it again:  some smart AD looking for a head coach right now ought to be getting Kevin Wilson’s cell phone number and ringing it until he answers.


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4 responses to “There’s prolific. Then there’s Oklahoma’s offense.

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Hope to goodness Allbarn doesn’t catch on.


  2. Ally

    I can’t figure out why no one’s calling Charlie Strong either. After watching him adjust to Nick Saban’s offense throughout the game yesterday & turn around that defense after a putrid 2007 season, its simply dumbfounding to think he’d be overlooked as a viable candidate for ANY head coaching job.


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  4. As long as C. Strong has been a HC candidate one wonders if HE’S not the one cherry picking his coaching opportunity.