It’s bowl season: first thoughts

I know it’s small consolation for those yearning for a D-1 football playoff, but (unlike last year), there are some pretty good BCS matchups.

The Rose and Fiesta are both compelling, with big time programs all having something to prove.  The Sugar isn’t nearly as lopsided as it was last year (and I think Utah could surprise a lot of folks against Alabama).  As for the Orange… at least they managed to put the weakest BCS conference teams in the same game.  If nothing else, Cincy and Virginia Tech will only clutter up one game, instead of two.

As for the rest, there are more than a few that bear watching, at least for a little while:

  • Hawaii. Can Notre Dame avoid another losing season?  I hope not.
  • PapaJohn’ Don’t laugh.  Okay, laugh at the name, but not at NC State or Rutgers.  They’ve been two of the hotter teams in the country over the last five or so weeks.  Plus, they’re easier to spell.
  • Texas. Track meet city.
  • Holiday. Ditto.  Plus it’s one last chance to see the team that Georgia opens with next season.
  • Chick-fil-A. Because I’m a glutton for punishment.  Can Georgia Tech win 10 games this season?
  • Music City. Vandy’s in a bowl game!  That’s worth at least fifteen minutes of my attention.
  • Outback. Regardless of who wins, Gamecock fans will start making reservations for the 2009  SECCG about thirty minutes after this one’s over.
  • Cap One. Because none of us have any idea which Georgia team will show up.  And because it’s probably the last time we’ll see Moreno suit up in the red and black.
  • Cotton. Mike Leach’s chance to remind Tennessee and Auburn what they’ll be missing.
  • GMAC. Track meet on steroids.  Besides, there’s nothing else on that day.


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5 responses to “It’s bowl season: first thoughts

  1. FisheriesDawg

    I think the Poinsettia might be one of the top 3 or 4 games out there. Boise is going to have their hands full with TCU.


  2. Good point – somehow I missed that one.


  3. ArchDawg

    I haven’t really seen Utah play this year, but given their record and the teams they’ve beaten I’m expecting a good game. I think they could surprise Alabama as well.


  4. dean

    Great comment about the Outback bowl. Spurrier should give whatever bonus he receives for making it to a bowl game and give straight to Ellis Johnson. There’s no way the cocks are bowling with their previous DC (Nix, I believe).

    I’m going to be a little pissed if we don’t improve on defense. We’ve got roughly 23 days to get ready for one team who isn’t known for their passing attack. If we stop the run we win. I really believe it’s that simple. I would rather see the boys play one complete game this year than not at all. At least then I will know for sure we’re capable of doing so. Plus maybe that would give me a little pick me up for the off-season.


  5. Ally

    You know for a split second I had this thought that I wouldn’t be too ticked if we lost to Michigan State, specifically if it was due to our usual craptacular defensive & special teams showing. My thinking was that CMR would then be forced to make drastic changes in the off-season, right?

    But then I realized that not even a 4th loss would be a difference maker. I’m convinced, win or lose, he’s going to stubbornly stick to the status quo. He reminds me of the violinists on the Titanic – just keeps on playing while the ship sinks.