Aiding and abetting

So Urban Meyer is going to help his old buddy Kyle Whittingham out by giving him the inside poop on Alabama.  That’s right kindly of him.

Exactly what are the inner mysteries of playing the Tide, anyway?  Kyle, let me help you out here, buddy.   I’ll keep it simple:

  1. On defense, do what it takes to stuff the run and cover Julio Jones with at least four defensive backs.
  2. On offense, ‘Bama’s defense is top notch, but if your quarterback is as good as Tebow, no problema.  He’s not?  That’s a problem.
  3. On special teams, make sure your kickoff specialist aims for the sidelines.

There you go.  You can thank me later.  By the way, if Saban reacts by indeed giving Stoops the poop on Florida and lets it leak that he did… that would be teh awesome.



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4 responses to “Aiding and abetting

  1. Gabo

    Meyer has the right to share info with his former assistant.

    Saban does the same.

    Who cares?

    When all is said and done, Alabama will line up vs Utah and they will have to play the game.

    The best team usually wins


  2. Kyle Whittingham

    I totally agree. Aiding and abetting? Get real. Coaches talk all the time. Urban’s spread option is a fusion of things he learned by visiting other coaches. This is a non-story.


  3. dan

    Dear Kyle Whittingham,
    Enjoy the trip to N.O. They will kick your arse.



  4. Nick Saban

    I don’t have time for this National Championship $h*t.