Anything can happen if you cut your hair.

This has a certain the-inmates-are-running-the-asylum feel to it:

A kinder, gentler coach. Gamecocks linebacker Eric Norwood had an interesting reaction when asked about Spurrier’s comments that he plans to be more encouraging and positive to his players.

“That’s cool with me. He can be however he wants to be,” Norwood said. “He can be the meanest guy in the world or the nicest guy. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s all coaching.”

Quarterback Stephen Garcia said last week that one of the topics discussed at a players-only meeting was the concern that coaches were too harsh on players.

Stephen Garcia, team spokesman.  Spur Dog is losing it, I’m afraid.



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4 responses to “Anything can happen if you cut your hair.

  1. Just ask Georgia what taking a kinder, gentler, not-asking-too-much-of-the-players attitude gets you. You want another blackout? Yay, let’s do a blackout! Let’s have fewer full-contact drills while we’re at it — wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt!

    In Georgia’s case, it drops you from 11-2 (or perhaps even better) to 9-3. Wouldn’t dare speculate where it’s going to drop the Gamecocks.


  2. Man I hate that Spurrier is struggling so bad in his metamucil years. (And by “hate” of course I mean “Love”). He thought his genious was perpetual. More and more it looks like his genious was more about great players and down cylces throughout the rest of the conference during the mid and late 90’s (save UT).

    I still hate Spurrier more than Urban – at least for now.


  3. HVL Dawg

    “I still hate Spurrier more than Urban – at least for now.”

    I completely agree.

    If Urban were to leave UF and then flop around with, say the Jacksonville Jaguars for two years, and then quit and go to rescue UKy, I wouldn’t hate UKy nearly as much as I hate SC.


  4. AceG8tr

    Well, I certainly can understand y’all’s angst. After all, the OBC was what, 12-1 against you? Meyer is only 3-1. But give him time, he’ll catch up.

    BTW, Hunker, it’s “genius.” That’s what spell checkers are for.