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Follow up questions

  • When’s the last time a school paid a buyout to hire a head coach coming off a season in which his team went winless in conference (without facing the three best teams in the conference, to boot)?
  • How quickly does the firegenechizik.com site hit the ground running?


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I’ll take former assistant coaches for whom Auburn could afford the buyout for $200, Alex.

Gene ChizikThe Gene Chizik? Good ol’ 5-19 at Iowa State Gene Chizik?

Seriously, can anyone give me three good reasons why you’d fire Tuberville to hire Chizik?


UPDATE: Will Collier can’t.


UPDATE #2: AD Jay Jacobs seems tight-lipped about the matter.  Maybe it’s an early April Fools Day prank.


UPDATE #3: And how about this as a sincere, ringing endorsement?  “Other than the past two dreadful season [sic], Chizik has very good credentials.” LMAO.


UPDATE #4: No love lost at ISU.

That may be the most negative article I’ve ever seen posted at Rivals.



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Sattiday mornin’ buffet

Nibble away, folks:

  • Likely leaving. That’s how ESPN.com’s Todd McShay describes Stafford’s and Moreno’s status with regard to the upcoming NFL draft.
  • Today sucks. This is something that Gators and Dawgs can agree on.
  • Hunh? Sometimes the NCAA even confuses itself.
  • The first $1 million assistant coach. And it would still be over a 50% pay cut if Monte Kiffin accepts.
  • Gotta sing, gotta dance. Ben Boyd, renaissance fullback.
  • From Gainesville to Starkville. Dan Mullen isn’t letting any moss grow on the recruiting front, it seems. (h/t The Wiz of Odds)
  • Don’t get too comfortable, coach. That didn’t take long at all.


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