Follow up questions

  • When’s the last time a school paid a buyout to hire a head coach coming off a season in which his team went winless in conference (without facing the three best teams in the conference, to boot)?
  • How quickly does the site hit the ground running?


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  1. Marquaveous goes to the UCF website….strange.


  2. Thomas Brown

    Everyone mentions here on this blog again and again how :

    (1) We cannot Kickoff worth a flip, not just this year, every year of the Coach Richt Era.

    (2) We cannot return a kickoff to save our mortal soul, not just this year, every year of the Coach Richt Era.

    (3) We specifically play a bend not break Defense. The SEC has teams such as Alabama who played the Number 72 NCAA Strength of Schedule this season, so listing where UGA stands in just The SEC 12 teams, doesn’t cut it now does it? The facts of the matter are that we are not that good of a Defense, and the majority of that is that we are used to playing Defense at UGA over history. We are not 1 year fans just jumping on or off some bandwagon. There is no fire in this defense, and not just this year, every year of the Coach Richt Era.

    (4) We have not had an Offense in the Coach Richt Era. Our Offenses have been abysmal, not just this year, but every year of the Coach Richt Era. Our Scoring Offense is Number 29 this season and Total Offense 21 because we run up and down the field and cannot score. We only played 3 teams ranked today, and none of them are going to be ranked at season end except those 3. We had runs of 31 to nothing, 26 straight against Tech and 49-3 against Florida. Excuse me, where in the hell was the Offense in any of the only 3 real games this season ? Our Quarterback has now played 38 games. He has thrown 32 interceptions and had another 14 fumbles. I am not making excuses for the Defense. I am stating that in the Coach Richt Era, we have yet to have an Offense, not once.

    (5) We cannot stay out of Jail, and continue to lead the nation in Arrests and Suspensions. The 11 arrests and suspensions this season, are not something that every other team does too. That is patently a lie. The facts are that in the Coach Richt Era we have had as many as 17 suspensions some seasons. So this season is an improvement. We show this lack of discipline on special teams, defense and offense and we show if off the field, daily. We have shown it on the practice field, as well, where we continue to injure more of the 19 now lost for the season, this season, than our opponents in games have caused. What in the world is going on here on Discipline ? And, quit making excuses for what has become the serious worst problem in the Coach Richt Era. We were ranked Number 1 in the preseason in 17 of the 23 polls, including both the AP Poll and the Coaches’ Poll. The night both of them ranked us Number 1, we had not 1 but 2 separate roaming gangs involved in bar brawls, all arrested. It went on all off-season long, beating people to a pulp, getting drunk, driving drunk, and not just by a bunch of back-ups either. We are talking pervasive lack of discipline from we need them on the field in the next game kind of guys. This is the single biggest problem, consistently every year of the Coach Richt Era.

    (6) We cannot consistently recruit at the positions that are glaringly the holes on the team. We have one (1) assistant anyone wants. 1. Rodney Garner. What has he really done ? Go ahead. You can say it. He has consistently recruited players who don’t pan out because of problems off the field or on it. And, he has consistently recruited the players to this team for positions we do not need another body at, while leaving us with gaping holes even a child would recognize are significantly what he should be scouring this great nation and state, for. Look at QB. We have Stafford, Barnes left the program to play at least every one-hundredth play, Joe Cox is loyal but has not been played anywhere near as much as he should for the talent he has too, and Barnes was not bad either. We go out and do what ? Recruit out of Missouri, Logan Gray. All 4 of those are, or should be on this roster. All 4 are Top 10 Quarterbacks in the nation, according to all analysis of Top 10 quarterbacks in the nation. Only 1 can play. Only 1 has. The other have all not played. So, what do we do ? Go sign, not 1 but again two (2) more Top 10 Quarterbacks. How many have said we had zero defensive ends all season long this year ? How many here have said too that we have had not 1 Tight End all season long ? We went 4 years without an Offensive Linemen recruited twice now in the Coach Richt Era. Then we sign 5 and redshirt them all. And, go sign 7 the next year, and play all of them too with the 5 redshirted the previous year. The truth is, while our rankings average about Number 9 for the 8 years of the Coach Richt Era, the recruiting has left us holes as documented here from year to year at Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Tight End, Consistent Kickoff Specialist, and glaringly this get zero OL 3 years in row then try to sign a whole OL in just 1 year. Doesn’t this team glaringly need at least 1 top Defensive End ? Don’t we need a Tight End ? Why, then, have we committed only 1 of each of those and neither of those two are faster than 4.93 in the 40-yard dash ? We have not recruited across the board in the Coach Richt Era, have significantly skewed our average ranking by signing Top 10 Quarterbacks, usually about 4 per roster and only playing 1. We give away scholarships in the Coach Richt Era every year to players who end up arrested and suspended, and never play, with a big emphasis on positions we already are stocked at, while not getting serious about filling the holes that everyone sees and knows are where we should be putting our efforts.

    (7) We are not an Elite Football Program. Be men, go down there to Jacksonville and beat Florida. Get real. Florida, it will be 20 years next season, and we have won 3. Auburn, we don’t have a winning record over Auburn the entire Tommy Tuberville Era. The vols, they fire Phillip Fulmer and he too has a wining record over us. We play these 3 teams every year folks. LSU has done the same thing to us. Now, Alabama joins the mix beating us again. Elite Football Program. B.S. We cannot beat the teams in the venues we have regular season games at now. How are you going to get to the national stage where West Virginia is ahead 38 to nothing at half time in the Sugar Bowl I went to in Atlanta ? When Boston College can beat us to leave this football program without 1 win ever of any Big East team in a bowl game. Hell, South Carolina and now Georgia Tech think they can play with us now too. Vanderbilt and Kentucky have beat us. Who in the Hell are you fooling with this crap that we are some great and wondrous football program in the Coach Richt Era ? Come on. Face it. Then, I come in here and you post that we are 9-3 THIS all-cap season. We played 3 teams who are and have ANY hope of being a ranked football team this season. All 3 obliterated us for consecutive halves of 26 unanswered against Tech, 31 unanswered against Bama and 49-3 Florida. Don’t give me this crap that the only thing you can talk about is how Willie Martinez is all the problem and all we have to do is fire or not fire Willie Martinez. We have not had a Rushing Offense in the Coach Richt Era. We have not returned one kickoff in the Coach Richt Era. We have not had 1 off-season without double-digit arrests and suspensions in the Coach Richt Era. We have not had an Offense in the Coach Richt Era. We have not had a kickoff kicker in the Coach Richt Era. We have not had 1 recruiting season where we went out and signed the players for the holes we have in the Coach Richt Era and we are not doing it again now for next season, again, either. When have we ever been Great, at Anything, in the Coach Richt Era ? Go ahead. Tell me. We have averaged a ranking in the final polls of Number 15 for the 8 seasons of the Coach Richt Era, and have suffered the indignity of having a total of now over 100 suspensions. Deadly combination. I am not impressed and you should not be either because this coaching staff lacks fire. 1 coach anyone has even begun to be interested in, and Auburn is not going to hire Rodney Garner, no matter that no one wants to go there and be Coach. They beat us, like everyone else does. Now, we play Michigan State next. Then, Oklahoma State, then South Carolina. What are the excuses going to be for these games ? If we had started out Number 17 in the AP and Coaches’ Poll, we would find ourselves not ranked today. I am just not impressed with this coaching staff, and now you know why. Every game we play, we could lose. When we win, it’s a huge big struggle every single opponent, every single game, the entire Coach Richt Era. We could not put away your mother, and that is the coaching staff, not the players. Don’t give me this, the players are not executing crap. This coaching staff brought these players in who not mesh with the lack of fire on this coaching “staff.”


  3. NebraskaDawg

    Let’s take off our rose colored glasses and look at our real program, Dawg fans. Richt has done a good job making us a regional power. But Texas, OU, USC (the real one), Florida, etc. would not lose sleep if we were on the schedule. We are in the second tier of schools (not NC material but will have good years most years). We have a good coach with a great rep, but to win a NC you need a great coach who will sellout for a title. Richt’s not going to do that. He is a nice guy who is loyal to assisstants and not winning a NC is ok with him if we have a good year. Damon Evans and the DawgNation need to decide what we want cause it is tough to find a coach that can do it both ways.


  4. S.E. Dawg

    Okay Thomas since you’re so good a breaking down the Mark Richt era, would you mind breaking down the Goff and Donnan eras. That should be a good read?

    And NebraskaDawg just who would we get that would sellout for a title. Maybe we can get this guy that Auburn just hired. Don’t know of anyone out there

    Just read the article that Damon Evans trust CMR but he must evaluate his assistants and hold them accountable for their performance.


  5. DV Realist

    Thomas, I don’t know who you are but I would bet a year’s salary you are a member of DawgVent, the worst message board in all of Dawgdom. People like you say you are realistically looking at the program as you daily spend hours tearing the program apart piece-by-piece. Before you attempt to stick a label on me as your cronies would on that negative, cess-pool of a board, step back and view this program with some perspective. Fans like you are destructive, not constructive, in your actions and we would be better if you switched your allegiance to another team. Your sour and bitter crying is a cancer to us all. Don’t infect anymore if you truly care, ostracize yourself for the good of the rest

    The problem with the negative Nellies among the UGA fanbase is they all expect, and demand, perfection. Anything short of their expectations becomes the focus of their obsessive whining. Anything that goes well is simply ignored. How miserable it must be to be you! Sad, and pathetic. One day the kiddle corp will grow up and realize life was much better than you thought, but by then you will have missed it.


  6. S.E. Dawg

    Well said DV Realist.


  7. Carruthers

    That seemed a little excessive Mr. Brown.


  8. peacedog

    (1) We’re recruiting a kid just to come in and kickoff, apparently.

    (2) We’ve had solid KR units at times. Never good. And it’s usually in the bottom portion of the league.

    (3) We forced a ton of turnovers and had a lot of sacks last year on defense. “Bend but don’t break” is too simplistic to describe what Martinez does/tries to do.

    (4) W’eve had one pretty good (2002) and a couple of excellent (2007, 2008) offenses in the Richt era. None of those offenses have been exceptional for a variety of reasons. If Bobo had a veteran OL to work with or had more experience, either of 07/08 probably would have been exceptional. I believe you know this.

    (5) My thoughts on discipline are too long to get into in this post. I’m not inclined to share them with you. I’m certainly not happy (in this and other areas). It’s not the most pervasive problem “every year”. But then I believe you know this.

    (6) Lilly, Searels, Garner, Ball, Fabris, and Bobo have all attracted interest from other schools and will continue to do so (well, Lilly hasn’t yet but he will, since he’s an exceptional recruiter qualified to be the recruiting coordinator at any school in the country). Dave Van Halager is entrenched, but he’d attract interest in any other situation. Several other assistants we’ve had in the past have attracted tons of interest; it’s why they aren’t at UGA any more. I believe you have some idea about this.

    Some of that interest is from bigger programs than others, it’s true.

    Georgia has experienced it’s fair share of “misses” (term used broadly here). Every coach has more or less contributed to that list. Garner especially has brought in a ton of talent. They all have, really. Generally it’s not really correct to say a single coach brings a kid in, ev en though one coach will primarily handle that recruitment. I’m 100% certain you know all of this.

    (7) you seem to drift in and out of coherence here; I don’t deem this worth parsing.

    I try to give people the benefit of a doubt, which is why you won’t see me accuse you of being a plant or something equally inane, and I certainly won’t accuse you of being stupid or anything like that. I actually thought you sometimes made interesting points once (though you have a habit of wrapping thing up in melodrama and overstatement) but I stopped believing that. Whether you reject data points – especially obvious data points – that don’t support your positions on purpose or not doesn’t interest me. Reading your postings leaves me feeling perfectly “bored now” (for those of you who get the reference).


  9. Hobnail_Boot

    Mr. Brown, in the comments section, with the filibuster.


  10. Mr. Brown, I will only address #4 of your rant regarding not having an excellent offense during the Mark Richt era. I’ve excluded 2001 from my analysis, looking specifically at 2002-2008 because these are the years that Richt has his own players in the program. From 2002-2008, average national ranking is as follows: Total Offense – 5oth, Passing Offense – 47th, Rushing Offense – 58th, Scoring Offense – 41st. There are 119 teams in FBS. UGA is better than the middle for all those categories since 2002. Keep in mind that UGA plays in a conference that puts a premium on defense, unlike the Pac-10 and Big 12. Also, keep in mind this analysis includes the atrociousness that was the 2006 offense. I don’t know what exactly you expect, but there is an offense in Athens and it does pretty darn well.


  11. Thomas Brown

    Mr. peacedog, I am not sure what is so hard to understand that this football is not and has not been an elite football program. We’ve had a year. We’ve gone 6 years and then had another year. That’s the best we have to show for being an elite program. Neither of those two years by the way did we even get considered for the national championship game even. That is not elite. Sorry you have a problem addressing that.

    Mr. Auditdawg, Number 50 offense in the nation of 119 teams, is not a great offense. You desire to go find a year and discuss it making excuses for that year. The Bottom Line, like being an Elite Football Program, is that we have not had an offense in the Coach Richt Era.

    Now, I return you all to your ONLY Willie Martinez is responsible for ANYTHING WRONG with The Bulldogs’ Football Program – so fire Willie and you will be happy blogs you have carried on ad infinitum on this site.

    By the way, I don’t know what Dawg Vent is.

    And, also by the way, if you wish Mr. peacedog not to discuss or share with us about the Lack Of Discipline in this Football Program during the Coach Richt Era or ANY of the now 100 suspensions during the Coach Richt Era, then don’t say you refuse to discuss it but that you are unhappy with this (and other areas) too.


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