Damon Evans takes a deep breath.

If you haven’t been reading David Hale’s three-part interview with Damon Evans, you should.  Here’s a timely quote from part the third:

… We’ve got some room to grow. We’ve got some room in which we can improve, and I can tell everyone this: I believe that Mark is going to work his tail off to make sure that we improve, and I’m going to do everything that I can to make sure we improve and be mindful of where we are today.

But I don’t want people to throw away the towel after one year of lofty expectations and not meeting those expectations and think that, oh, everything is imploding because that’s not what’s happening. I think history, I think the track record is proven here under our coach, and I think we’ll continue to get better.



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  1. I hope that Damon is just guarding his words, because a lot of that seemed pretty tepid and non-committal. Maybe it’s my perspective — I work in sales at a venture-backed tech company, where the goal is very clear (a lucrative exit for our shareholders) and progress against it is measured meticulously, regularly and openly across all departments. I don’t see what it would hurt to come right out and say “We’re looking at where we stand relative to Florida, we don’t like what we see, so we’re identifying the gaps and taking action.”

    By comparison, this sounds mush-mouthed: “Is that gap widening between Georgia and Florida, or is it not? Those are things we need to sit down and assess.” Really? The time for debating that was a couple of national championships ago.

    Still, good on him for using Florida as a comparable, although I’d love for him to have a list of comps that included Texas, USC, Michigan — programs that have set a standard of excellence across a number of sports, and which have the national brands that he wants for Georgia. Obviously, football is important, because it’s the breadwinner. But, if you’re as concerned about brand and reputation as Evans claims to be, “football school” is an insufficient brand and, frankly, our football team isn’t elite enough to warrant that mantle.


  2. Granted, I’ve almost always erred on the exercise-caution side when it comes to hirin’ and firin’, but I was sort of comforted by Evans’s words. “Mush-mouthed” or no, patience and a level head get you stuff like turning Virginia Tech from a 2-9 team into a regular BCS aspirant. Panic and quick trigger fingers get you, well, Tuberville-for-Chizik exchanges.


  3. Ally

    I think its contagious. I’ve been all about firing Willie Martinez for several years now and especially after this season. But after reading all 3 parts of that interview with Damon I’m beginning to see his wisdom here. It was comforting to read that he wants Georgia to be great, not just good. It was comforting to read that he wants the position & assistant coaches to be held accountable for this season. And it was comforting to read his position and vision concerning the future of Georgia athletics. Damon spoke with passion & fire about this season and the changes he wants to see in the future.

    Kudos to David Hale for a great interview and a good dose of much-needed perspective.


  4. I think Doug and I are on the same page, but I just want to clarify that I’m not suggesting that anyone needs to be fired. I’m not even convinced that Martinez should be fired.

    I would be comforted, however, by some specifics from Damon on what metrics he’s using to measure progress and where exactly he thinks the red flags are.

    Something that unnerves any stakeholder, i.e., fans and donors, is the potential for clueless management. If you’re an Auburn fan, David Jacobs’ combination of obliqueness and obliviousness as at least as distressing as — if not moreso than — the Chizik hire.

    I don’t expect Evans to make decisions that we unanimously agree with. I just want him to be transparent about where he sees opportunities for improvement and about how he’s seizing those opportunities.


    • Tommy, I know you meant Jay Jacobs there, but, hell, I’d argue there’s more logic to the hire if David Jacobs did make the call. At least then you could blame it on a DGD’s sabotage of a rival’s program. 😉


  5. Brian

    to argue Martinez should be fired…

    – we gave up 21 to Georgia Southern at home, and dont tell me back-ups were in, Reshad Jones, Prince Miller, and CJ Byrd all were in the game for Southern’s last TD.

    – we gave up >30 pts. 5 times
    >40 pts. 3 times (all losses)

    The ultimate:
    As soon as Tech hired Johnson, everyone and their brother knew GT was bringing the option to Sanford. We had all year to get a scheme together, a buy week before the game, Senior Day emotions at home in the rain…Georgia TECH put up 45 points running the ball down our throats and it couldve been 60 had they not starting sitting on the clock.

    Martinez has to go


  6. “By comparison, this sounds mush-mouthed: “Is that gap widening between Georgia and Florida, or is it not? Those are things we need to sit down and assess.” Really? The time for debating that was a couple of national championships ago.”

    Counting titles to definitively determine where a program isn’t the most proper of science: Witness LSU, who looks like they’ll finish out of the top 2 in the SEC West for the next few years.