Jay Jacobs, master of the diplomatic response

It seems to me that if I were a guy that was the slightest bit concerned that Charles Barkley was essentially accusing me of hanging a robe and a hood in my closet, I could come up with… oh, say, several thousand answers better than the one Jay Jacobs actually gave to this loaded question:

What’s your reaction to those who say your decision was made based on race?
“Well, my reaction is, I was picking the best fit for Auburn.”

Yecchh, what a dumb response.  All he left out was the punchline:  “… and at Auburn, black head coaches don’t fit in.”

Jay, here’s a suggestion for you.  If there’s a next time, try “that’s bullshit”.  Or “you’ve got to be kidding.”  Or “I may be a consummate idiot, but I’m not a racist.”  Even a simple “no way” would suffice.  See how easy that is?

If you need training in how to do it, here you go:


UPDATE: Tony Barnhart weighs in.

… But you can’t ignore the fact that to others the word “fit” has an entirely different meaning. It is code for doing the thing that is comfortable instead of doing the thing that is right.

Barnhart is famously non-confrontational, so when there’s nothing in his post today defending Jacobs’ and Gogue’s actions and comments about the hire, that’s not good for Auburn.  Neither is Barnhart’s point about recruiting.



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11 responses to “Jay Jacobs, master of the diplomatic response

  1. Nice use of media to make your point, Senator. One of my favorite endings to one of my favorite shows.

    It would have been nice to hear ol’ Fred tell her that was bullshit, though.


  2. dean

    I get what you’re saying but I’m not sure the “Is this because I’m a lesbian” question is comparing apples to apples. Most straight males would have made fools of themselves and subsequently been fired for sexual harassment after an admission like that from a smoking hot women. GIGGTY!

    Seriously though what an idiot. How ’bout being insulted that people are labeling you a racists. Honestly there’s got to be at least a thousand better answers than that. You’d expect a more intellectual answer from an AD of any school much less an SEC school. Gas meet fire.


  3. I’m so confused. Are you saying that Jay Jacobs is a lesbian?


  4. No… of course not… no…


  5. Not that I have any special motivation to defend the Auburn fan base, but I kind of feel sorry for them in all this — not only did they get a crappy coaching hire, they’re being made to look like bass-ackward racists thanks to Jacobs’s clumsiness, when most of the Auburn fans I know would’ve moved heaven and earth to bring Turner Gill to the Plains. I’ve only seen one or two Tiger fans give any indication whatsoever that Gill’s race was a concern to them, and they were isolated message-board douchebags, certainly not indicative of the fan base as a whole.


  6. Dog in Fla

    I’m confused, too….If it’s not Jay Jacobs, are you saying Tony Barnhardt and Charles Barkley are lesbian?


  7. HVL Dawg

    Nooooooo. He’s saying Fred Thompson hired that girl because she’s a lesbian but had to fire her because it turned out it having a lesbian in the office wasn’t as fun as he hoped it would be.

    And this is kinda the same thing going on at Auburn.


  8. Carruthers

    So it’s alright to not hire Turner Gill because he is a lesbian, just not ok because he’s black?


  9. Dog in Fla

    Oh, I understand office politics perfectly now!


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