In the end, it’s all about the Tebow.

Good grief. Yeah, I know that Kiper’s an ass, but the GPOOE™ worries way too much about what other people think of him.

… ESPN’s Joe Schad reported that he had a conversation with Tebow in which Tebow said he was mad  that people don’t think he’ll be a great NFL quarterback and mad that he didn’t win the Heisman Trophy, and that his anger might motivate him to leave Florida early.

Jesus, dude, relax.  Besides, GatorPilot has a suggestion for a cure to what ails you.


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22 responses to “In the end, it’s all about the Tebow.

  1. ArchDawg

    Well, I’m really mad that Tebow appears in every 1.7 NCAAFB story, so that anger is going to motivate me to Boomer Sooner on Jan 8th. Seriously, these ‘non-stories’ about him getting mad like an orange-and-blue Hulk are getting ridiculous.


  2. S.E. Dawgs

    Senator, while all other sites are muddling in their old print you always have something new up and for that I give you a big THANKS.

    If Tebow stays at UF I hope Matt stays at UGA just so Matt can be picked above Tebow in the draft after the 2009 season.

    Once again, thanks for your great site for all dawg fans and those that are not dawg fans that just have to check up on us.

    Now, time to go shopping with the wife. Damn!!

    Go Dawgs


  3. Little Filipino Boy

    Well. I am mad Tim Tebow cut my penis.


  4. Jim

    People might take him more seriously if 64 other quarterbacks had not passed for more yards per game this year than he did. He was not the best passer last year and his technique is getting worse. Some say it is because he keeps getting hit on his thowing arm. Whatever, his first instinct is to run when pressured so that is not going to change. I still do not know how he got as manny heismen votes as he did. If he thinks he is going to run in the NFL, he should have a conversation with Vince Young who is a much better runner than Tebow. Tebo is the most over hyped player in the history of college football.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Tebow: the Rodney Dangerfield of Heisman winners.

    Boomer Sooner…


  6. Turd Ferguson

    Five years from now, Tim Tebow will be a traveling evangelist … which, don’t get me wrong, is not a bad thing. I just wish he’d stop fighting it, so we could be spared all the crying and moaning.


  7. 69Dawg

    I know he is young but one of the first tenets of Christianity is humility. Somebody forgot to tell Tim. The second thing about him is he is very immature. When things don’t go his way he pouts and gets mad, once again not very Christ like. Either grow up and act like a Christian in defeat or just quit the walking on water act.

    The other problem with Tim as a pro, the first time he tries his rah rah with his pro teammates they will slap him silly.



    Tebow will be an NFL legend!! I garonteeee’ he’ll finish his illustrious career as the #1 all time career felations,unneeded shower trips,and filipino circumsisions!! BFOOE


  9. I see Tebow in 5 years either 1) owning a string of Chevrolet dealerships in North Florida, or 2) leading his very own mega-Church. I heard the interview and thought Kiper really bitched out. In his defense, I think he was caught off guard by Tebow’s ballsiness and didn’t want to be perceived as a huge jerk by criticizing him while he was on the show.

    From an NFL perspective, there are three huge issues that I think are going to hurt Tebow. First, his release is SLOW. Second, that funky 3/4 motion has a low release point. And finally, and most importantly, he NEVER takes a snap from under center. Does anyone know if he even knows how to drop back? Or take his eyes off the coverage and then come back to it? I could care less if he stays or not, I just want us to beat UF next year, but if I were advising him, I’d tell him to really enjoy his time as a college QB, cause this is probably it for him.


  10. Batdawg

    “The second thing about him is he is very immature. When things don’t go his way he pouts and gets mad”

    *coughcough Homeschooled! cough*


  11. SRQDawgs15

    Haha…you are 100% correct Batdawg. I’m glad some of the media is starting to realize he isn’t all that perfect. The kid does some good things, but it always feels like he is doing it for the attention and not really to help those in need. He puts a great public face on, but the kid is is a big whiner. We saw it last year in J-ville, this year after the Heisman, and again now. Tebow is all about himself and doesn’t know the meaning of the word “humility.” Is that any surprise though, he is a Gator.


  12. SLH

    Gators – the most arrogant, conceded fan-base and program this side of Stalin’s red army.

    Tebow – the phrefect lispy gator megalomaniac.


  13. … conceded?

    What the hell kind of world is this to live in for an English major?


  14. SLH

    Correction – conceited.

    You get the point Gator boy.

    And yes, Tebow is no more worthy than third team.


  15. Robert

    Great, somebody called the grammar cops.


  16. Well, I’m a little bit of an ass when it comes to spelling and grammar, sure. But I can let most of it go.

    It’s when someone replaces one word with a perfectly-spelled word of completely different meaning that I get a little curious. I mean, it’s not like SLH misspelled “conceited” — he thought it was spelled “conceded”. To me, that’s just bizarre.


  17. Dog in Fla

    The culture of this board is that we are not too conceded.


  18. Robert

    Stupid homonyms.


  19. Carter

    “What the hell kind of world is this to live in for an English major?”

    I’m assuming a world of limited job prospects and earning potential. Unless you did the sensible thing and later enrolled in law school.


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  22. Rookie

    Well Mat Stafford he is going to go real far where he is he was not that good at Georgia lets go back how many of the last overly rated QB’s have panned out Russle, Vick, Carr, Harrington 3rd overall, Leaf, Couch all of these guys were going to be the next Marino or Montana at least Tebow has a winning history and knows what is to be a winner. It is always funny to listen to the Georgia fans talk about athletes hell most of thhem think cow tipping is a sport.