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Monday morning buffet, pre-Christmas edition

You’ve gotten to snack on a few bowl games – last night’s was particularly fun to watch – so go easy on the buffet board this morning.



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Forget it, Jake. It’s Duke.

David Cutcliffe just received a two year contract extension as a reward for guiding Duke to a 4-8 record this season.  That’s because in the words of his genius AD, Cutcliffe is “an elite player within the entire college football coaching community.”

Duke lost its last five games in a row this year.  By that standard, Gene Chizik must rank in the elite of the elite.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Cutcliffe if Duke becomes bowl eligible in the near future.  Kevin White has a superb track record when it comes to getting excited about (and overpaying) head football coaches.


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