Monday morning buffet, pre-Christmas edition

You’ve gotten to snack on a few bowl games – last night’s was particularly fun to watch – so go easy on the buffet board this morning.


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2 responses to “Monday morning buffet, pre-Christmas edition

  1. Macallanlover

    I agree, MoMass has been a DGD his entire career, both on and off the field. Would love to have several like him as nucleus every year. Yes, he had a sophomore slump relative to what we had come to expect from him a freshman. But the UGA fans were terrible in the way they rode a man that gave his all every game. I admit to not understanding dropped passes by people trained as pass-catching experts/specialists. Then I see highlights of NFL players thought to be the best at their position, and see them muff easy passes as well. I hated when the fans rode MoMass so hard in 2006 and feel his last two years proved what an asset this young man was.

    Typical of UGA fans, they were also calling for the receiving coach’s job that year as well. Seems we feel the coaches teach them to drop passes, jump off-sides, miss tackles, etc., even when in the years before we praised these same athletes/coaches. Nothing like being a fan and ranting on someone every day with that 20/20 hindsight.

    Thanks MoMass, you will be a winner in life regardless of where you end up.


  2. Wolfman

    Agreed on all counts. Without a doubt, MoMass is a true Dawg. Congrats in the future. You will be missed.