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So it’s come to this, Dawg fans.

How many of you were as impressed as I was watching a fast, well coached TCU defense play its collective ass off last night?

I’ve got Frog envy.


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‘Tis the season to be generous

As we sit here hoping that Stacey Searels does right by Georgia and that Georgia does right by Stacey Searels, it looks like it may be a decision that comes down to money… not that there’s anything wrong with that.  And it’s not like Damon Evans doesn’t have a bulging bank account to work with here.

But what’s a fair salary for a guy who’s the best position coach on the staff (and maybe in the conference)?

The reason I ask is because of this news coming out of Knoxville:

… However, there are rumors in the wind that the senior Kiffin, who was expected to make $1 million, might have come back to Tennessee recently and asked for MORE money.

He makes $2.2 million with Tampa Bay.  It is expected that his salary at UT could go as high as… get this… $1.5 million dollars.

Holy mother of crap.  That’s for a guy who hasn’t coached in the college ranks in more than a decade.  Georgia doesn’t pay its entire assistant staff a whole bunch more than that, per this chart.

So, what’s the number for a coach that no Dawg fan in his or her right mind wants to see go?



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