‘Tis the season to be generous

As we sit here hoping that Stacey Searels does right by Georgia and that Georgia does right by Stacey Searels, it looks like it may be a decision that comes down to money… not that there’s anything wrong with that.  And it’s not like Damon Evans doesn’t have a bulging bank account to work with here.

But what’s a fair salary for a guy who’s the best position coach on the staff (and maybe in the conference)?

The reason I ask is because of this news coming out of Knoxville:

… However, there are rumors in the wind that the senior Kiffin, who was expected to make $1 million, might have come back to Tennessee recently and asked for MORE money.

He makes $2.2 million with Tampa Bay.  It is expected that his salary at UT could go as high as… get this… $1.5 million dollars.

Holy mother of crap.  That’s for a guy who hasn’t coached in the college ranks in more than a decade.  Georgia doesn’t pay its entire assistant staff a whole bunch more than that, per this chart.

So, what’s the number for a coach that no Dawg fan in his or her right mind wants to see go?


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13 responses to “‘Tis the season to be generous

  1. Ally

    Why is everyone assuming this will come down to money? Do we even know for which position he’s interviewing?

    If they offer him an OC position & that’s what he desires, there will probably not be enough money to throw at him that will make a difference.


  2. heytogoober

    Not sure what the number is, despite Crane’s brilliant suggestion, but I bet Bobo and Garner are drooling.


  3. Ally, Auburn is interviewing other people besides Searels for the OC position. That doesn’t mean he’s not being considered for that particular job, of course, but it doesn’t mean he’s a slam dunk consideration either.


  4. Ally

    I get that, but I still think it will come down to MORE than just money. I keep reading that line of thinking and it just baffles me – it would take a great deal of aussumption to believe that.

    If this is a promotion AND at his alma mater, then I seriously doubt money will be the deciding factor.

    And there are the intangibles that quite frankly, money cannot measure:

    1. the state of Georgia is his home
    2. He’s near his ailing parents & near his wife’s parents
    3. His little girls LOVE it here and are settled
    4. His wife works for the Athletic Department at Georgia and has said numerous times that she’s never been happier.
    5. CSS has also said that his biggest mistake was leaving the state and playing for Auburn – now I realize that was probably in jest, but I also think there’s a litle truth in that statement.

    My point is as much as men like to assume that all big decisions come down to money, they are usually wrong. There are some things in life more important than money – happiness & contentment with a job you love & a happy thriving family life, for example.

    Since we’ve neither heard from Searles nor for a fact that this inviolves a promotion to OC (or if he even desires that), I think its a little dangerous to make the assumption that this will boil down to money. The fact is we don’t know much of anything, as usual when it comes to CSS. So we can’t say with confidence that this will boil down to money.

    I have a gut feeling that this decision, like many family ones, will not hinge on money as much as it will the intangibles that affect his family’s happiness & his longterm career goals.


    • My point is as much as men like to assume that all big decisions come down to money, they are usually wrong.

      Ally, I hear you, but, like it or not, the general trend in college coaching salaries suggests otherwise.

      As for the intangibles you cite, the family stuff is valid, but with enough money, you can adjust again. The alma mater tug is one of the most overrated factors I see. We fans think it’s a big deal, but the coaches don’t. And I hope SS agrees with you about the importance of long term career goals, because I don’t see how a lateral move to the Plains is a boost for his.


  5. baltimore dawg

    I wonder how much maintenance of the salary hierarchy you show here may factor into whatever counter-offer UGA may have to make? The AD does have a pot of money, but in these times of precautionary austerity I wonder if there’s some concern about shifting the pay-scale should Auburn make Searels an offer that requires a significant raise for the top three coaches, too?

    Naw, probably not. . . .


  6. And, our feelings about various other coaches and coordinators aside, what we choose to pay a position coach will necessarily ripple through the rest of the assistant pay scale. I would be very surprised if the OL coach is our highest-paid assistant for very long if at all.


  7. JasonC

    Why don’t we just drop WM’s pay by about $50,000 and add that to Searels? No need to spend more and the scale is more aligned with contributions this past year.


  8. HVL Dawg

    Ally is part right. Its almost not all about money. For a man at his position in life, I think its about carreer path- and the money he will make during his carreer.

    Sure 315k would be some nice jack. But thats a drop compared to what he can make someday as a Head Coach- or as a DC at Texas or Tennessee apparently.

    And my wife has ALWAYS been the happiest in her life right before I accepted another carreer path job and a 30% pay raise.

    Maybe he just wants to be an OL coach, live near his folks, be well paid and put down deep roots. I hope so. A man like that might be the kind of man who wouldn’t talk to the press.

    I say offer him 300 with plenty of juice and a five year contract.


  9. Coastal Dawg

    Given CSS’s reluctance to talk to the media and his reported in the trenches with his charges mindset during practice, I rally wonder if he “wants” to be be an OC right now. I can’t imagine the new OC at the Barn not being interviewed daily…

    The other non-money factor in this is Dye. How much influence is he bringing to this party?

    As far as pay goes, give him whatever he wants. My guess is Bobo would kick in some out of his own pocket to keep CSS in Athens.


  10. NCT

    For what it’s worth, if I recall correctly that his folks are in Rome, his proximity thereto would not drastically change with a move to Auburn. And I agree with PWD that the alma mater pull is, apparently, not nearly as strong for players and coaches as it is for us alumni/fans. It requires an entirely different mindset and values set to be a professional coach. Knowing that Dye, Dooley, Dodd, etc., had successful careers at hardcore rivals of their alma maters requires me to flip an “assume it” switch in my head, because my gut will never get it.


  11. Ally

    “Maybe he just wants to be an OL coach, live near his folks, be well paid and put down deep roots. I hope so. A man like that might be the kind of man who wouldn’t talk to the press.”

    From your mouth to God’s ears HVL!

    And, I will certainly concede that money has something to do with it, I just think its not the MOST important factor. This, like most major life decisions, is a family decision, not soley his. Let’s face it, the old adage is true: if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! I just pray & hope UGA is home to him & his family and that his heart now beats red & black.

    I think we’ve all brought up a lot of great points that really come down to one thing: none of us know Searles or what’s in his head about a possible Auburn job that hasn’t even been offered yet, to my knowledge. All we can do is hope, pray, & wait.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah everyone! May you all have a safe & blessed Holiday!