And there was much rejoicing…

Searles tells Richt he’s staying.

This isn’t understatement:

“For us to keep him is big for Georgia.”


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  1. uga's favorite tick

    I hope he will be in Athens for many seasons to come.
    Just thinking out loud, and I could be wrong, but O-line coaches don’t often get a lot of opportunities from other schools to anything that amounts to more than lateral moves. Neil Callaway to UAB notwithstanding, not many O-line coaches are lured away to head coaching jobs or even cooridnator posts.
    If we can outbid any heavyweights who want to try to dangle a bigger financial carrot in the future, I think we can keep Stacy Searles in Athens. And might I add I think it would take a pretty good-sized carrot for him to even think about it.
    I think he is a Dawg by now and he knows he is a Dawg.


  2. Hallelujah. Holy s**t. Where’s the Tylenol?


  3. If the situation weren’t already painfully obvious, it would be pretty telling that two of Auburn’s favorite sons spurned mama’s call to stay with her oldest rival.

    Of course, we all know that “mama” in this metaphor is an abusive schizo whose children are mostly wards of the state, but that’s nowhere near as concise as “mama called,” so I have no idea how to wrap a bow on this one.


  4. NebraskaDawg



  5. Low Country Dawg

    Brings to mind the bumper sticker from Dooley’s brief discussion with AU: ‘Some People Wouldn’t Go To Auburn For A Million Bucks’


  6. dean

    Does ESPN normally run offensive line coaches staying at their current school on the bottom line? Head coaches, yes. Coordinators, yes. But position coaches? Nevertheless this is HUGE!!!!


  7. Macallanlover

    Nice little string of good news for UGA in the past two weeks: Garner staying, Geno coming back at DT, Jeff Owens coming back for another year at DT, and Searels staying as OL coach. Each of those are huge for UGA. Maybe our string of bad news has run it’s course and Big Mo is on our side again, finally. Looking for more good news from recruiting as Searles was the primary recruiter on both Brown and Massie.

    I certainly don’t think all the news will be great, but the four stories we have had already are bigger than any of the negatives so many will anguish over before Signing Day. Sometimes we forget the good things when we have a little adversity.


  8. Dawg93

    crane +1