An offer they couldn’t refuse.

Just how badly did Gene Chizik want that Auburn HC job?

Well, pretty damned badly, from this account:

… At Auburn’s insistence, Chizik didn’t use his agent, Jimmy Sexton, to negotiate a preliminary letter of agreement outlining the general terms of the deal. That’s almost unheard of for new coaches at major programs.

In addition, it appears that Chizik has cut ties with Sexton, although their working relationship was barely two years old.

Not only that, but…

A person familiar with the conversation said, after he was hired, Chizik told Jacobs, if he needed more money to help pay Auburn’s new assistant coaches, the AD should take $400,000 from the head coach’s salary.

So, Auburn gets a head coach who’s willing to submit to the demands of the higher-ups and to work for about half the money as the last guy.  That sounds like a hiring decision based more on a power trip than on success on the field, but maybe those guys are a lot smarter than we’re giving them credit for.  Or a lot luckier…


UPDATE: Maybe they needed some of his salary to get this guy.  It looks like Auburn’s gonna double down on the spread.  So much for that Pat Dye face smashing offensive football we were hearing about.


UPDATE #2: Sometimes I scare myself.  I can’t believe I called the Malzahn hire, even indirectly.


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4 responses to “An offer they couldn’t refuse.

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  2. Ally

    That chizik hire’s not lookin’ so stupid anymore is it folks?

    Great defensive mind at a bargain. Check.
    Great, proven SEC offensive winner as OC. Check.

    They may not beat Bama next year, but I seriously doubt they’ll be dwelling in the SEC cellar as so many were quick to predict either.

    If anything the Auburn-Ole Miss game should be interesting.


    • Ally, you’re starting to sound like Tony Barnhart’s next blog post. 😉

      Seriously, I don’t think I’d be planning any toilet paper parades on the Plains just yet. Chizik was a terrific defensive coordinator at Auburn and Texas, but his defensive record at ISU wasn’t nearly as rosy.

      And it’s a stretch to call Malzahn a “proven SEC offensive winner as OC”. By all accounts, he was frozen out at Arky by the Nuttster as the year went on. Anyway, I’m not sure what he brings to the table that Franklin didn’t already have: a published “system”, great success in lower tier conferences, an inability to get along with an SEC coaching staff, etc. I’d love to know if Chizik told Jacobs before he was hired that he intended to hire Gus as his OC.

      In any event, Auburn’s problems aren’t scheme related so much as personnel. The Tigers didn’t have the players to run the spread in ’08, and I don’t see where that will be any different in ’09. If they don’t finish last in the West next year, it’ll be because MSU has a tougher row to hoe.

      Chizik had better recruit really well and really fast if he wants to survive. That’s a tall order with Saban down the road in Tuscaloosa.


  3. weiswords

    I am an alum of UCF, where Chizik first became noticed as a D-Coordinator. He was great while at our school, developing some NFL talent during his time here (Asante Samuel, Travis Fisher and others). No doubt he’s a proven coordinator. Whether he’s a good head coach or not remains to be seen. You cannot count Iowa State. NO ONE succeeds there. At Auburn he’ll have no excuses. I wish him the best.