This just in: bowl season hasn’t sucked.

If you’ve been boycotting the bowls for some misguided reason, you’ve been missing some good action.  Last night’s Emerald Bowl, for example, confirmed that Cal’s Jahvid Best lives up to his last name and that any last minute offense tied in any way, shape or form to Patrick Nix still can’t tie its shoes, metaphorically speaking.

But the real shame would be if you didn’t see the play of the postseason so far, by North Carolina’s Hakeem Nicks.

Pretty nifty catch in a great game.  The defender’s (#31) reaction is almost as good as the catch – he can’t believe it.

By the way, kudos to Pat White, who became the first quarterback in the college game to start in four bowl wins.  That’s unfortunate for us Dawg fans, but good for him.


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2 responses to “This just in: bowl season hasn’t sucked.

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  2. dean

    I completely agree. The UNC/WVU game was great and the Cal/UM game was very entertaining as well. I also have to agree about that Best kid. I was blown away with his ablilties. I’d not seen him play this year and I’m regret that now. That kid is the real deal.