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O tempora o mores!

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.  8-8 San Diego is in the NFL playoffs, while 11-5 New England isn’t.  Even better, that San Diego team gets to host a game against the 12-4 Indianapolis Colts.

Where’s the outrage, I ask you?  I mean, last year Illinois gets into the Rose Bowl and you’d have thought based on all of the pants wetting we saw that the Republic’s very fate hung in the balance.

Granted, I am exaggerating somewhat here.  But amidst all of the hyperbole, there’s a valid point that I’d love to hear all you playoff proponents address:  how is this “settling it on the field”?



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Some random bright spots in Dawgland

A few rays of sunshine to lift the spirits of any Dawg fan on a cloudy December morning:

  • CFN ranks the all-time worst BCS games.  Guess which game comes in dead last?  At least our team showed up with a vengeance.
  • “Who’s Goodell?” When Moreno says he hasn’t given any serious thought yet about turning pro next season, I tend to believe him.
  • This, my friends, is pwnership.  I hope Mark Richt can arrange for Chris Clemons to speak to the team before next year’s Tech game about restoring the proper order of the universe.  (h/t Gunslingers)


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