Some random bright spots in Dawgland

A few rays of sunshine to lift the spirits of any Dawg fan on a cloudy December morning:

  • CFN ranks the all-time worst BCS games.  Guess which game comes in dead last?  At least our team showed up with a vengeance.
  • “Who’s Goodell?” When Moreno says he hasn’t given any serious thought yet about turning pro next season, I tend to believe him.
  • This, my friends, is pwnership.  I hope Mark Richt can arrange for Chris Clemons to speak to the team before next year’s Tech game about restoring the proper order of the universe.  (h/t Gunslingers)


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7 responses to “Some random bright spots in Dawgland

  1. 81Dog

    Tech guys are supposed to be math wizards. You’d think Choice would have understood the inherent flaw in trying to reach high on someone who has much longer arms than Choice.

    Good job by a DGD, Chris Clemons. That’s how you get it done, son.


  2. Texas_Dawg

    Ugh. CFN. Bad writing by really dumb people.


  3. dean

    Our BCS game sucked because Hawaii sucked. We beat the crap out of a grossly overrated team. However if Hawaii had somehow pulled the upset out of their ass I bet’cha this game is one of the all time best (see Boise St./Oklahoma).

    Of all the players who have left UGA early Chris Clemons is one the top “WTF is he thinking” players to do so, IMO. I was really surprised when he left and thought he’d be stocking shelves in a warehouse somewhere after a couple of years. Glad I was wrong. Good for him.


  4. NebraskaDawg

    Clemons is the forgotten NFL Dawg. When you start naming Dawgs in the NFL he is usually one that I forget.


  5. Macallanlover

    Funny how those same media experts were wetting themselves last year when this matchup for announced. Many had it as the most anticipated bowl of the year, and a high percentage had it as the “upset alert” game. When our guys crushed the vaunted, unstoppable attack, the whining was deafening. No question is was a mismatch as it unfolded but hindsight is an unfair way to view it. Utah and Boise achieved their dreams, and Hawaii would have also if we had not shown up ready to play with intensity. UGA gets no credit for that game, and it now is thrown in our face as picking on some little kids. That wasn’t the game we wanted either, but these same media folks are the ones who denied us the game we deserved. These same media voters help determine the “faux championship” so many here love.


  6. Robert

    Karma, dude. Karma.

    –Silly Nerds.


  7. Chris

    OWNED. I bet Choice took the M train route at Tech.