Does Pat Dye think Gus Malzahn is man enough?

Um… I’m not a genius when it comes to coachspeak, but I don’t think it takes too much to parse this statement

… The GMAC Bowl in Mobile, will be a showcase of sorts for Malzahn, as he’ll bring his offense in to the living room of anyone who wants to see what he’s all about.

“Coach (Todd) Graham was great to me at Tulsa. I really feel like it’s important for me to finish with the players. I’m extremely close to my players, I always have been. So I’ve got a chance to do that and do everything in my power to help Tulsa win that bowl game.

“At the same time, I believe Auburn recruits could get a visual of exactly what they’re going to see next year on the field.” [Emphasis added.]

and compare it to this one

“I know a lot of people categorize me as a spread team. We’re going to play smash-mouth football,” Malzahn said Monday night at a press conference that introduced him as Auburn’s newest coach…

to realize there’s some heavy BS coming out of ol’ Gus’ mouth.  If you’ve watched Tulsa play this year, “smash-mouth” is the last phrase you’d use to describe what Malzahn’s running.

But it’s a term near and dear to the hearts of many on the Plains, so expect it to be trotted out for everyone who wants to hear it – just not the recruits.  A little talking out of both sides of one’s mouth (and Malzahn’s sat at the feet of one of the masters at that in Graham) won’t bother anyone, as long as Auburn wins.


UPDATE: Smart Football’s Chris Brown breaks down the Malzahn offense for you here.  As you can imagine, there’s lots of good stuff to mull over, but nary a mention of “smash-mouth”.  (Although we do get a Wittgenstein reference, which isn’t something you see every day in a football blog.)



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2 responses to “Does Pat Dye think Gus Malzahn is man enough?

  1. This sounds EXACTLY like the doublespeak Tubbs was slinging in the weeks and months after he hired Tony Franklin. And look how great that turned out.

    I’ll admit, the thought of Malzahn ending up at an annual Georgia rival spooked me a bit at first, but if what they end up with is the same “smash-mouth football, but in a spready way” gobbledygook they tried to run last year — only this time with a demonstrably inferior head coach at the very top — then I’m feeling a lot better about Georgia’s chances of stretching their current streak over the Tigers.


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