Down for the count

Perhaps swayed by the less than brilliant clock management on display in the final two minutes of the Emerald Bowl, Randy Shannon cuts OC Patrick Nix loose.

Money quote:

“I enjoyed it here. I appreciated Randy giving me the opportunity,” Nix said. “I’d like to have gone with something more wide-open and more no-huddle. He and I had a philosophical difference on that.”

More no-huddle.  What’s that line about a man looks into the abyss and there’s nothing staring back at him?  Shannon contemplated a Nix-directed offense with even less structure, shuddered a bit and chose to move on.



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3 responses to “Down for the count

  1. Joe

    The only bad thing about this is that Nix will probably end up coaching in a GHSA school pretty soon, and will likely be directing his players to AU.


  2. JasonC

    Wait! If he wants no huddle, fast-break offense, we have a peach of a deal over on the Plains.
    Do the War Tigers need a QB coach?


  3. shadrach

    You could see that coming. Shannon had the look of “WTF is my OC doing?” on the badly mishandled fourth down play to end their bowl. Shades of Tech/Reggie Ball nonsense for the U and Shannon did what he knew he had to do. Nix is a pitiful excuse for an OC.