Reshad Jones, take notes.

If you’re gonna tackle with a shoulder bump, then tackle with a shoulder bump.  From last night’s Holiday Bowl, here’s how it looks when it’s done right (h/t Doc Saturday).

Hopefully, we can see a repeat of that in next year’s season opener.



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5 responses to “Reshad Jones, take notes.

  1. SCDawg

    The camera changes too quickly, but Robinson starts weaving pretty bad when he gets to the 30. I thought he was just going to fall down and go to sleep. That was a big hit. That also ended up being a really fun game to watch.


  2. baltimore dawg

    so *that’s* what reshad’s been going for. . .

    he’s got to improve–the dude just looks like he was made to mete out punishment of biblical proportions.


  3. bamadog

    I’d still prefer he uses both arms and hands that God gave him next season until he proves that he can wrap up. Once that’s proven, then maybe I’ll be okay with a shoulder thump.

    Oh, and the late hits out-of-bounds. Good grief.


  4. I hear you, baltimore. RJ is a physical specimen who should be able to destroy. Does anyone remember the personal foul he drew during the Oklahoma State game last year? As I recall he was standing flat-footed and punched the other player in the chest knocking him to the ground. That was my first impression of him. Strong, but undisciplined. So I can relate to you as well, bama.


  5. Ally

    I’m still shocked he got up after that hit. Hell, I’ll be shocked if he’s not in the ER this morning. That kid took a pounding last night.