Mom, apple pie and…

I was thinking something similar after watching Vandy’s postgame celebration last night, but Jerry Hinnen says it far more eloquently than I can:

Bowls are awesome. It’s not just that watching a game that clearly means so much more to the players and coaches involved than it should always makes for great viewing–apparently, Jason Whitlock got a big lump of coal in his Christmas stocking–but the chance to watch Air Force’s option, Oregon’s Masoli, Nevada’s pistol, Boise’s Ian Johnson (one last time), Louisiana freaking Tech and freaking Rice go nuts in front of their home crowds, basically every single thing that happened in that UNC-West Virginia game … I mean, if you don’t like these things, you don’t like college football, and you’re probably a Communist.

The best part is he posted that before sitting down to watch the Music City Bowl last night.  Amen, brother.


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6 responses to “Mom, apple pie and…

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Bowl season is our last chance before the drought that is basketball and baseball season. So savor what is left my friends as it will come to an end soon.


  2. Macallanlover

    +1 Nebraska Dawg.

    After January 8, the next sporting event I will watch intensely will be The Masters, followed by the US Open, then waiting for CFB’s opening day. On a lesser level will be following reports/stories related to pre-season CFB magazine deliveries, summer practice, and recruiting.


  3. Ally

    Agreed. And congrats to Vandy. I had BC picked for that win, but was thrilled to see Coach Johnson and the Commodores get the win. I was also thrilled to hear DJ Moore is coming out early – an outstanding player I’m glad we won’t have to face anymore.


  4. stone cold dawg

    Everyone is a Champion. Everyone gets a trophy. Everyone gets some Orange Slices and Sunny Delight at the end of the game. Hor-aay for Exhibition Season!


  5. HVL Dawg

    Damn, Stone Cold. Those Vandy seniors have been in the weight room since they were twelve years old and now are going to be selling life insurance for the rest of their lives. What’s wrong with them going out winners?

    Its just too bad the “exhibition season” doesn’t fill your viewing needs.


  6. Coastal Dawg

    In truth, most of the “smaller” bowls are better games.

    I mean we watch the G-Day game three times for crying out loud. There are no bad college football games.