Nice rings you got there.

“Maybe we celebrated that Georgia win too long.”

With its famous Offense That Can’t Be Stopped running on all cylinders operating like a 1973 Ford Pinto with water in the gas tank, Georgia Tech enjoyed one of those imploding quarters that we Dawg fans have come to know and love.  So, congrats to the Jackets for managing to suck all of the oxygen out of their season with the loss.

Seriously, there are two things we can take out of that game.  First, bowl practice can be useful in getting a defense playing below its talent level back on track.  Second, Georgia has something tangible to play for today – a win insures that Georgia will finish the season ranked higher than Tech.  That may not eliminate the sting of losing to an inferior team completely, but at least it would put the loss back in perspective.

GATA, Dawgs.


UPDATE: Ordinarily, I’m not big on living vicariously through another team’s accomplishments, but LD makes such a nice point that I’ll except to my rule.  Les Miles, we salute you.


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  1. NebraskaDawg

    The Nerds had their Super Bowl against the Dawgs a few weeks ago. That’s why we can’t ever take the NATS lightly becuase that is all they care about. We’ve got to come out next year and lay the War Hammer down on the Nerds and end this nonsense once and for all.



  2. NCT

    I really like one of the AJC’s headlines: “Buzz Kill”


  3. Turd Ferguson

    I laughed so freakin’ hard when LSU faked that punt in the 4th quarter. Until that moment, I’d been kinda on the fence about Les Miles. But now I officially love the guy.

    The only thing I hated about that game was having to watch LSU’s defense actually make tackles, and thinking, “If only our guys had done that …”


  4. Ally

    Oh how quickly the mighty have fallen! Wonder if there’s enough room atop those rings for 38-3?

    It’s as if beating us was all they planned for – I was just floored. Where the hell was that godawful team when they played us? The best part was that last night’s crapfest came at the hands of the 9-4 ACC Coach of the Year though. I mean, good Lord.

    Oh, and the quote from PJ on how some players thought Les’s fake punt was classless just made my year.

    Happy New Year Nerds!!! 😉


  5. Irishdawg

    Further proof that we gave the game away to Tech (spit, curse). We are by far a better team, and had no business losing that game. Next year better be a beating with extreme prejudice.


  6. Georgia Tech ’08 was thus South Carolina any year. Georgia was their Super Bowl, the rest was just meh.


  7. JasonC

    I agree, but even worse was listening to that miserable crew calling the game. Absolutely. The. Worst. Ever.


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  9. heytogoober

    Schadenfreude …