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Where’d Mack go?

In the end, it looks like the only coach who carried through on his threat to vote his team #1 in the final poll was Utah’s Kyle Whittingham.


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Grampa hits the recruiting trail.

I’m sorry, but this cracks me up.

… Defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, who hasn’t recruited in almost three decades after working in the NFL, impressed King.

“He treated me like I was already with him,” King said. “He was shaking my hand all crazy. He’s a cool person. He’s laid back. He was like ‘I’m just trying to get back into it.’ ”

And this is just as good.

“He’s too crazy,” King said of Orgeron. “He was recruiting me at Ole Miss. He always talks. I was like ‘Wow.’

It’s the stuff legends are made from.  Or at least clichés are.



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My final Mumme Poll ballot

Without any further ado, here goes:

Number One

  • Utah

Next Four

  • Florida
  • Oklahoma
  • Southern California
  • Texas

Next Seven

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio State
  • Penn State
  • TCU
  • Texas Tech



  • The tough calls were at number five and numbers eleven and twelve.
  • I gave the nod at five – barely – to Oklahoma, based on what I think was a slightly tougher schedule than the one Alabama played, but really, I would have been more comfortable with a 1-3-8 format to this ballot.
  • I weighed five teams for the last two slots and wound up with Ohio State and Georgia, with some reservations.  In the end, Boise State’s results against that schedule weren’t strong enough for me.  Oregon lost to Boise.  And Oregon State lost to Oregon.


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Joe Cox can barely contain himself.

He sounds like he’s ready to start the season today, doesn’t he?

(h/t Dawgbone)


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It’s over – a few thoughts.

A few random observations from the title game:

  • That Bob “Mr. BCS” Stoops is quite a card, isn’t he?  His team blows two red zone opportunities in the first half without a score (remember, Oklahoma led the nation in red zone scoring percentage and red zone touchdown percentage in the regular season) and he tells the Fox sideline reporter that “he’s OK with it”.  In reality, that was the ballgame.  No word on whether Stoops was OK with the final score.
  • Speaking of Fox, what are those people thinking?  After last year’s Sugar Bowl, it’s not like it’s any big surprise that Thom Brennaman absolutely sucks calling BCS games.  Losing track of the downs on the Oklahoma series on the goal line was a complete embarrassment.  And the guy simply can’t shut up.  May he come down with a month-long case of laryngitis next January.
  • No complaints about Tebow being named the MVP, I guess, but it’s time for Percy Harvin to declare for the NFL draft.
  • Either that was the best game I’ve seen Florida’s defensive line play this year, or the Oklahoma offensive line was seriously overrated.
  • From a selfish standpoint, Bobo needs to make a conscious effort next season at bringing the tight end back into the offense.  Last night, the tight ends combined for thirteen catches – that’s three more than Georgia’s TEs caught all season.


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