It’s over – a few thoughts.

A few random observations from the title game:

  • That Bob “Mr. BCS” Stoops is quite a card, isn’t he?  His team blows two red zone opportunities in the first half without a score (remember, Oklahoma led the nation in red zone scoring percentage and red zone touchdown percentage in the regular season) and he tells the Fox sideline reporter that “he’s OK with it”.  In reality, that was the ballgame.  No word on whether Stoops was OK with the final score.
  • Speaking of Fox, what are those people thinking?  After last year’s Sugar Bowl, it’s not like it’s any big surprise that Thom Brennaman absolutely sucks calling BCS games.  Losing track of the downs on the Oklahoma series on the goal line was a complete embarrassment.  And the guy simply can’t shut up.  May he come down with a month-long case of laryngitis next January.
  • No complaints about Tebow being named the MVP, I guess, but it’s time for Percy Harvin to declare for the NFL draft.
  • Either that was the best game I’ve seen Florida’s defensive line play this year, or the Oklahoma offensive line was seriously overrated.
  • From a selfish standpoint, Bobo needs to make a conscious effort next season at bringing the tight end back into the offense.  Last night, the tight ends combined for thirteen catches – that’s three more than Georgia’s TEs caught all season.


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  1. NebraskaDawg

    Correct on the TE situation. The TE is extremely important in the 4-7 yard range and the hot route reciever during a blitz. A good TE can mean the difference between a sack or punt and a 1st down. Tebow will no doubt be back next year mainly because everyone would like him to go pro.


  2. Barry

    No, Tebow will stay because he loves being worshipped as the GPOOE.

    Those announcers were doling out serious portions of man love last night.


  3. Irishdawg

    I was embarrassed FOR Thom Brenneman last night. I seriously thought he was going to go and french kiss Tebow at the 50 yard line. I’m surprised he didn’t say that Jesus would have thrown two interceptions last night, or that Tebow could lay hands on Rainey’s knee and heal it. It was the sports version of the way the rest of the media treats Barack Obama.

    Stoops may be the worst big game coach in the BCS. OU could have had a rout on by halftime if it wasn’t for such craptacular play calling.


  4. Jim

    Speaking of blown red zone opportunities. I am still stunned by our first half with the Gators. Bobo needs to work on a lot more than getting the TE involved. If we had scored 3 touchdowns and did not do the onside kick, we would have been up 21-7 at half and we would not have thrown the 3 interceptions or fumbled the ball away in the second half. We probably win the game.

    1st and 10 at FLA 17 Knowshon Moreno rush for 7 yards to the Fla 10.
    2nd and 3 at FLA 10 Matthew Stafford sacked by Carlos Dunlap for a loss of 5 yards to the Fla 15.
    3rd and 8 at FLA 15 Matthew Stafford sacked by Terron Sanders for a loss of 5 yards to the Fla 20.
    4th and 13 at FLA 20 Blair Walsh 37 yard field goal MISSED.

    1st and 10 at FLA 23 Georgia penalty 5 yard false start on Clint Boling accepted.
    1st and 15 at FLA 28 Knowshon Moreno rush for 2 yards to the Fla 26.
    2nd and 13 at FLA 26 Matthew Stafford pass incomplete to Shaun Chapas.
    3rd and 13 at FLA 26 Matthew Stafford rush for 9 yards to the Fla 17.
    4th and 4 at FLA 17 Blair Walsh 35 yard field goal GOOD. 7 3

    3rd and 19 at FLA 30 Matthew Stafford pass complete to Mohamed Massaquoi for 24 yards to the Fla 6 for a 1ST down.
    1st and Goal at FLA 6 Matthew Stafford pass incomplete to Tripp Chandler.
    2nd and Goal at FLA 6 Caleb King rush for a loss of 4 yards to the Fla 10.
    3rd and Goal at FLA 10 Timeout GEORGIA, clock 01:57.
    3rd and Goal at FLA 10 Matthew Stafford pass incomplete to Knowshon Moreno.
    4th and Goal at FLA 10 Blair Walsh 27 yard field goal MISSED.


  5. SCDawg

    Don’t pretend that Charles Davis was any better. Davis was the one who said the Sooners had to go for it on 3rd down. “GO, GO, GO.”

    And the four clowns they have doing the booth are just awful. I’d like to have a beer with Barry Switzer, and probably Jimmy Johnson, too, but I don’t want to see them as my announcers for the title game when they haven’t been calling, or even watching, college football all year.

    I flipped over to ESPN after the game and the quality of that broadcast and the quality of the analysis is off the charts compared to Fox. I cannot wait until ESPN gets those games.


  6. Joe

    We could not throw to the TE this year because they had to block to cover up our OL deficiencies.
    Hopefully with Sturdivant back we can go back to the TE the way we used to.

    Also, Tripp Chandler had a pretty awful season.


  7. Irishdawg

    I respectfully disagree that Timmy deserved MVP. Harvin had a whale of a game, and he’s the reason Florida pulled it out, not Tebow (OU shooting itself in the foot certainly helped). Tebow made a few clutch throws, but he also threw two awful picks and as many bad passes as good ones.


  8. The Realist

    A few unbiased (yeah, right) observations:

    1) Tebow getting the MVP is stupid. It’s not that I didn’t expect it, but he was average-to-bad in the first half. Percy Harvin had 171 yards on 14 touches (12 yards per touch!) at 85-90% by his own admission. He was the entire Florida running game until midway through the third quarter when Tebow started getting yards against a tired Oklahoma defense. Tebow gets more credit for stuff he doesn’t do than any player I’ve ever seen. It’s sickening. I don’t see how the rest of the Florida players put up with that crap.

    2) Oklahoma blew no fewer than five scoring opportunities through various means. Florida capitalized with points on every scoring opportunity. Florida’s defense deserves a lot of credit, but, seriously, this Florida team reminds me a lot of Ohio State 2002. Everything literally had to fall in just the right place over and over and over… and it did.

    3) Fox has the worst college football broadcasts in the history of college football broadcasts. They are terrible. The halftime show was terrible. Just because Eddie George, Jimmy Johnson, and Barry Switzer had ties to college football twenty years (or more) ago does not mean that they are credible college football analysts now. Charles Davis is a mockery of color analysts. He wouldn’t shut up, and he wouldn’t say anything that significantly added to the game. We all feel the same way about ole Thom.

    4) Tebow is a really, really good college player. But, all of this talk about possibly being the greatest college football player of all-time is premature at best, and currently absurd. Let’s not give him credit for the 2006 championship, please. That was Chris Leak’s championship. If Tebow was the starter that year, Florida doesn’t win 10 games. He was just a fullback that could do a jump-pass. As a starter, he is 22-5. He won the Heisman in a year in which his team lost 4 games despite Darren McFadden’s crazy good year on a dysfunctional team that was crumbling to pieces during the season. For comparison’s sake, Stafford (who nobody in their right mind would lump in with the greatest of all-time) was 20-6 in the last two years. He won two bowl games compared to Tebow’s one, and they tied the head-to-head matchup at 1-1. The only difference is the SEC and national title. But, last year, Stafford & Co. was a Vandy field goal off the upright or a Kentucky missed field goal in overtime against Tennessee from getting a shot at those. So, for someone that is “one of the greatest of all-time,” he really hasn’t separated himself from the pack.


  9. Irishdawg

    “I don’t see how the rest of the Florida players put up with that crap.”

    Me either. I wonder if they ever find Tebow as cloying and irritating as the rest of us do. I would get tired of the spirit squad stuff pretty quick, regardless of how good the guy is.

    I really can’t overstate how ridiculous Thom Brenneman was in the non-stop Tebow ball-washing. I picture even Peter King or Tony Kornheiser going “dude, tone it down a little” watching that game.


  10. jtw

    I swear I thought I heard Brenneman at one point say that he felt like a better person after he had met Tebow, did anyone else hear that?


  11. The Realist

    After the unsportsmanlike penalty, Thom said, “That’s probably the only thing wrong he’s done in his life.”

    And, jtw, he did in fact say that he felt like a better person for meeting Tebow. Either he or Charles Davis said that Tebow made everyone around him a better person… not better on the field… but a better person. It’s like he is such a good person that people are healed by being near him. You had to touch the cloak of Jesus to get that effect, so Tebow’s one-up on him there.


  12. peacedog

    I know one thing, I am a better person for Brenneman/Davis meeting Tebow.


  13. KG

    I disagree on the OU offensive line. I thought Florida would put a lot more pressure on Bradford but despite a lot of blitzing we had trouble shedding the Sooner blocks. They were also able to make some space for Brown which I questioned whether they could do. I thought our ends could put more pressure on Sam against their Tackles but that wasn’t the case. On the interior I didn’t expect much push and we didn’t see much. The fourth down play by Torrey Davis wasn’t a surprise because Davis is as close to unblockable as we have. But usually he just leaves his gap wide open as he runs past the running back who gallops through the vacated space for big yardage. On this play it worked to our advantage.

    And as always we will have to disagree about the key to the game in my opinion, Florida’s secondary. If there’s a better secondary in the SEC I’ve yet to see them. Senator I know that you feel the Gator’s back 4 is not as good as their stats suggest but I think that’s where the game was won. OU is used to having WRs wide open. Last night Bradford had to make perfect throws against tight coverage and when he was a little off it either resulted in incompetions or interceptions. Sam only made a couple of mistakes but in a game that close that’s all that matters. Ballgame.


  14. The Realist

    The safeties were definitely the key for Florida. They completely shut down the OU vertical game. Bradford had time to get the ball down the field most of the time, but there was never anything there.


  15. dean

    Given Georgia’s record against defending National Champions this may be a blessing come cocktail time.

    Tebow proved why draft annalists don’t think much of him.

    Unless the dawgs are in a BCS game next year I seriously doubt I’m going to watch. It’s too frustrating listening to all those buffoons Fox puts in the booth butcher up the game. They really make you appreciate Vern/Daniels and Blackledge/Whoever.

    One commenter hit the TE situation on the head about them having to block. However the other commenter who dogged Chandler needs to realize he was injured from the UA game through pretty much the rest of the season. This was the kids senior year and I know it’s not how he wanted to go out. He was a DGD who, IMO, played above his ability most of his career at UGA. Most people remember his drops but forget about the catch he made against Miss. St. that ultimately won the game. Anyway we seem to have to very good TE’s. I would give White the nod in pass catching and Figgens in blocking. Though both are not bad at either.


  16. Richt-Flair

    If you haven’t heard Charles Davis’ inspired analysis during the comcast rebroadcast of the 01 UGA-UT game, you are missing out. His tag team partner was stellar as well.


  17. Dawg93

    dean – this is the last year Fox had the BCS games. Next year they’ll be on ESPN/ABC.


  18. dean

    I thought Fox had one more year. Oh well, Good. I can watch the BCS games then without getting physically ill. At the commentary that is.


  19. Dawg93

    dean – I stand corrected, I just looked it up. I feel like I read somewhere that ESPN started doing it next year, but a quick Google search proved me wrong. So Fox has it one more year. Damn. I really hate the Fox announcers.


  20. KG

    I phrased it poorly but the secondary was “my” key to the game. I didn’t mean to suggest it was “your” key. My point was that we have had differing opinions about the quality of the Florida defensive backs this season. I’ve felt it was the strongest area of the defense while you felt, while improved, it still isn’t an upper echelon secondary yet.

    I think our corners are all-SEC caliber and the safeties are good. I still don’t put the safeties on the level of the cornerbacks but they have gotten better throughout the season and have become a very efficient tandem.

    I’ve heard differing statements about when ABC/ESPN takes over. The sooner the better in my opinion. They are butchering college football in its showcase events.


    • I think our corners are all-SEC caliber and the safeties are good. I still don’t put the safeties on the level of the cornerbacks but they have gotten better throughout the season and have become a very efficient tandem.

      I agree with that. And the Gator safeties are very good in run defense; I just find them a little suspect in pass coverage.


  21. Hobnail_Boot

    If any other player in the country takes his helmet off like Tebow did, it’s 15 yards. With him, it’s just another reason to praise him.



  22. dean

    Blast. Curse you Fox.