Joe Cox can barely contain himself.

He sounds like he’s ready to start the season today, doesn’t he?

(h/t Dawgbone)


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8 responses to “Joe Cox can barely contain himself.

  1. DGD. He seems very comfortable in his skin and not intimidated by the situation. That’s a very, very good thing. I think he’ll be fine.


  2. SLH

    Sharp, sharp sharp kid. Very collected.

    I’m looking forward to Cox. We’re not going to have a tremendous dropoff and he’ll also be a good mentor for Murray, etc.


  3. OG

    I think he’s at least as good as John Parker Wilson.


  4. The Realist


    At least as good as JPW?

    Let’s not set our standards too high.


  5. Ben

    Can’t wait to see this guy in action. Stafford always sounded stoned when he was talking, but Cox seems like the kind of guy who would wear you out from his sheer amount of energy.

    Can’t wait to see some fire from him next year!


  6. brad

    The Ginger Assassin’s rule begins now.


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  8. Carruthers

    Ginger Assassin, hahaha