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A few thoughts on the staff changes

Why do I have the feeling that when Georgia fans saw the headline, most presumed that something was going on with the defensive staff (and were probably disappointed when they learned the details)?

  • The big plus to me is that it puts Coach Ball back at the position at which he has the most experience.
  • Richt must feel that McClendon has some real potential as a recruiter.
  • On the other hand, rookie coach plus inexperienced running backs make me nervous in one respect:  “I’m very familiar with their assignments and knowing where they’re supposed to be in protections,” McClendon said. We’ll see.
  • I’m glad Coach Eason gets to go out on a relatively high note.
  • Maybe it’s churlish of me to ask, but does anyone think there are any financial considerations behind the move?  I mean, I think it’s fair to assume that McClendon will be making a good deal less than Trooper Taylor.  And it looks like Damon’s going to be putting up some extra bucks for Searels and Garner.  This is what makes me ask:

Eason will make one final recruiting trip today. He held the title of associate head coach, which could go to assistant head coach and defensive line coach Rodney Garner, who stayed after interviewing for a position at Tennessee.



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