“I’m the guest on this show…”

If you haven’t already heard this exchange between CBS’ Tim Brando and an upset Auburn fan that took place on the Jerry Springer Paul Finebaum’s show, give a listen.  It’s a hoot.

Even Finebaum’s at a loss for words at the end of that one.


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9 responses to ““I’m the guest on this show…”

  1. Brando’s infinite ego meets completely douchiness of college football fan. Don’t know if this registered on the Richter Scale, but it was truly a match made in Finebaum’s sleezebag heaven.


  2. David

    Good for Brando. People whose criticisms are based on that red-herring premise are almost always morons, like that guy clearly was.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Communism was a red herring.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Brando with his panties in a wad. What a man he is!


  5. Ben

    I remember when Brando and Terry Bowden had a show together, and those guys just sounded like they were a couple of lovesick puppies separated from each other. This, however, is amazingly awesome. Good for Brando (please don’t strike me down for saying that!).


  6. Robert

    “If you want to play something besides football, you come see me. Big fella.”



  7. “If you want to play something besides football, you come see me. Big fella.”

    Honestly, this sounded homoerotic to me.

    It sounds like Tim Brando wants to play tonsil hockey with the guy.

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  8. Robert



  9. bwahahaha

    Nothing is funnier to me than when nerds gets upset when someone questions their football knowledge due to lack of playing AND those who actual think they know as much about football even though they didnt play.

    Until you step on a field at any level, you really have no frame of reference.

    However, Brando is a professional broadcaster. And his job is to broadcast. I am talking more about the common fan.