Knowshon says thank you.

This is a nice catch by Dawg G on the Dawg Run board.

It’s certainly a lot classier than the fan complaints knocking him for lack of commitment after the Florida game.

Thanks back at ‘ya, KM, and good luck on Sundays.


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10 responses to “Knowshon says thank you.

  1. Dog in Fla

    What a ballplayer! Richt will never redshirt anyone like Knowshon again.


  2. Macallanlover

    Dog in Fla, I don’t know if you meant it this way, but that looks like a jab at CMR. In hindsight, he and everyone else sees it a mistake, but I felt at the time he made the right decision. In fact, I don’t know anyone who felt differently at the time. CMR admits they wrestled with it until later in the season and weren’t 100% sure. With three backs ahead of him on the depth chart, all of whom have caught on in the NFL, why would he have done otherwise. I recall one game where they debated taking the RS off due to injuries but by then it was late in the year.

    With him only staying 3 years, it wouldn’t have mattered as it turns out, but I cannot knock CMR on this. With the information/facts he had in front of them, I feel the staff made the right decision. Easy for me, or anyone to point out the error now, but that is hardly fair.


  3. NCT

    Not the way I read Dog in Fla’s comment, at all. As you pointed out, Richt has questioned the decision in hindsight. He has also said recently that they will be examining redshirt policy going forward. I have no doubt that the experiences with numbers 24 and 8 have a lot to do with how the decision is made in the future. I, too, think that Richt will never redshirt anyone like Knowshon again. That’s assuming that he knows he’s got someone like Knowshon on his hands ever again, and that the fact is recognizable when it’s time to make the decision.


  4. AceG8tr

    K was a tremendous back and I wish him well in the NFL. I’m just glad he’s gone!



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  6. Will Q

    What’s nice is that we have recruited players who are talented enough now that it would make Richt question red-shirting them.


  7. Robert

    …can’t wait to watch the NFL combine this year.


  8. Wow.

    Is that a full page ad taken out by Knowshon in the Athens paper?

    That is really classy and incredibly appreciative.

    Just… wow.

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  9. God Bless ya KM. Man, only two years out of that talent….I’ll be shocked if Richt ever Redshirts a skill position player again.


  10. Take a look at our returning roster. 48 of our 66 returning players have used a redshirt season. That’s Jim Grobe-like usage of the redshirt. And I have no problem with it whatsoever. It means that you have good enough players already to afford you to redshirt the young ‘uns. It also means that your team is a year older than they look, which is a very good thing for us in ’09, methinks.