Ladies and gentlemen, your Mumme Poll national champ is…

the University of Florida.  The Gators were on all 32 ballots, were on everyone’s top five list and garnered the most #1 votes (21).

Here’s how the final results look (top five and #1 votes appear in parenthesis):

1.    Florida (32, 21)

2.    Utah (32, 8 )

3.    Southern California (32, 3)

4.    Texas (31)

5.    Oklahoma (29)

6.    Alabama (2)

T7.  Penn State

T7.  TCU

9.    Georgia

10.  Ohio State

11.  Texas Tech

12.  Mississippi

13.  Boise State

14.  Oregon

15.  Virginia Tech

16.  LSU

17.  Missouri



  • I’m a little disappointed in the final turnout.  Was it something I said?
  • Southern Cal wound up getting a few first place votes, but poor ol’ Mack Brown couldn’t garner any sympathy from us for Texas.
  • Georgia seems a little high to me at #9, so maybe some of that local bias bled through at the end.
  • Two teams received top five consideration without appearing on all of the ballots:  TCU and Penn State.
  • The order of the top five in the final coaches’ poll was Florida, USC, Texas, Utah and Oklahoma.  I like our order better.

Again, thanks to all who participated and made this a success.  I had a great time doing it, and presuming that there’s enough voter interest next season, plan on running it again in ’09.

Please take a minute to post your final ballots, comments and any other words of wisdom in the comments section.  I’d like to hear from all of you.


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9 responses to “Ladies and gentlemen, your Mumme Poll national champ is…

  1. kckd

    Did you get my final ballot? I sent it a few days ago, but I never received your normal confirmation that it was OK.


  2. Couple of thoughts from a non-voter:

    1. For as much as your voters rewarded Utah, I’m surprised they penalized Boise so much for their narrow defeat against TCU, a team whose only losses are to teams in their top five.

    2. As a Texas fan, I’m disappointed that your voters were so unimpressed with their dramatic victory over Ohio St. I’m especially shocked that one voter didn’t even think they were a top 5 team. From SEC fans, I suspect that’s the Ohio St. respect factor in full effect.

    3. Speaking of the Ohio St. respect factor, I think they deserve to be a spot higher than our Dawgs. Like us, they have few real quality wins. However, their losses look better in retrospect than ours do. Much better.

    4. Texas Tech deserves to be ahead of both of the afore-mentioned teams, based on their total season. While all three teams have two pretty embarrassing losses, at least that’s the only two the dread pirate Leach has.

    5. General trend – I think we as fans, along with the media, are wont to take a team’s bowl performance into much more account than the rest of their season. It’s the “what have you done for me lately” effect all over again. And I thought college football was the sport where the regular season mattered the most…..


    • For as much as your voters rewarded Utah, I’m surprised they penalized Boise so much for their narrow defeat against TCU, a team whose only losses are to teams in their top five.

      For me, at least, there’s no comparison between Utah’s SOS and that of Boise State. And Utah didn’t lose.


  3. Macallanlover

    I am sensitive to not being a “homer” when I submit my vote, but I cannot fault UGA at #9. Who behind them would you put higher? I feel Ohio State and Texas are too high, so I guess that is why we need polls to balance out individual opinions.


  4. bulldoginexile

    Here is my final ballot (and the link to my posting on it:

    National Champion: Florida (holding my nose)


    Boise State
    Ohio State
    Penn State

    To Cale: Texas Tech played a slightly harder schedule than Utah (only slightly) and about the same as TCU. I couldn’t justify putting them above Georgia or Boise State (my last two teams in). Ditto on what the Senator said above for BYU.


  5. ArchDawg

    Oops, sorry about that. Got really busy that past few days–and also took a chance to break from CFB (to conveniently miss out on the UF love that’s going on, too)–and completely forgot about submitting my ballot.


  6. picturemerollin

    I’ve got a post up on my site explaining my ballot and thoughts on the whole thing.
    In a nut shell:
    This was a lot of fun and I believe that I learned a few things. Mainly that the “head to head” or “settle it on the field” arguments are bull when it comes to polls and college football, which go hand in hand.
    Look at baseball. There is no doubt at the end of the year who the best teams are and very little doubt about the overall champion. This is because there are dozens of games and series. A single game decides nothing. No one said, as an example, “the Phillies don’t deserve this” at least not in a rational manner. They won it on the field over and over. Enough to put any rational doubt to rest.
    That’s not a luxury that football has. Because of the nature of football that just isn’t feasible or even possible. Sometimes the better team does not win – Ole Miss over Florida to name just one. That is a feather in the cap of the Rebels and makes a great story for the game overall, but when it comes to determining the best team in footballdom, we can never really have a foolproof way of saying you are the absolute best. It comes down to an opinion based on results and not direct results.

    Polls do a very decent job of taking all pertinent factors into account. They aren’t perfect, but a playoff wouldn’t be either. Don’t fool yourself.

    When a poll determines a champion it takes the head-to-head as a major factor but not the sole factor, as it should be.

    A team that wins the NCAA tourney is not necessarily the best basketball team in the country. I think we can agree on that. What that team is though, is the champion of a tournament that we take for granted makes them them best in the nation. That just won’t cut it for football. It won’t work today – how can you without a doubt say who’s in who’s not, who earned it? – and and it certainly won’t work in the future – mainly because teams will do whatever it takes to get into the tournament – at the expense of football as we know it, which isn’t perfect but awesome nonetheless.

    I’ve been an opponent of a playoff because at the end of the day it just isn’t better for the sport. I love college basketball but it is nothing like my love for college football. There has never been a playoff and yet it is still a tremendous sport. If the powers-that-be implement a playoff, then fine, I’ll still watch, but the assumption that what this sport “needs” is a playoff is ludicrous. Football is way to big to tie up neatly with a playoff. If the impetus is ending doubt you can forget about that. Not gonna happen.

    I’m more open to a playoff after this, but I’m still convinced it will cause as much if not more controversy.

    I also discovered that the body of work which pollsters and pundits love to dissect is weighted more toward the most recent activity. If you are gonna lose it truly is better to lose early in the year. A big win late in the year helps even more.

    Senator, thanks for doing this. See ya next year?


  7. I also posted my poll with explanations up at my site. The toughest part of this was actually determining a #1. I’ve realized through the process that I don’t envy being a pollster that takes his job serious. The inherent problem with declaring one national champion out of 119 teams is the lack of comparability. I don’t buy into the whole power ranking “Team A could beat Team B on a neutral field right now”, therefore we should rank Team A higher. That completely ignores the season long accomplishments of both teams. In the end, I ultimately voted Utah #1, but not without serious consideration for Florida. Based on the season as a whole, it is impossible to create an infallible argument for either Florida, Utah, or Texas that they don’t deserve a #1 final ranking. IMHO, all three earned a piece of the pie and should be #1. Since, we had to choose only one #1, I went with Utah for the very fact that they didn’t lose to a 4-loss team at home. That’s a weak argument, but it’s the best I could come up with.