“It’s just the natural progression.”

In the wake of Tracy Rocker’s defection to Auburn, Ole Miss athletic director wants buyout clauses in assistant coaches’ contracts.


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7 responses to ““It’s just the natural progression.”

  1. cousinwalter

    Whatever happened to just offering more money?


  2. HackerDog

    I don’t have a problem with buyout clauses. More and more, coaches are just renting themselves to schools for a year (sometimes less) until the next payday comes along. I don’t really fault the coaches for chasing the money, but I think the schools are within their rights to insist upon an enforceable contract.

    Non-compete clauses are fairly common in many industries. Why not football?


  3. baltimore dawg

    this is only a matter of time, particularly with asisstants’ salaries exploding. it *is* just the natural progression.


  4. Wolfman

    Even if it is for more money, this might end up being a step down.


  5. cousinwalter

    I’d stay at Ole Miss. Ole Miss looks like they are only going to get better and Auburn could actually get worse before it gets better. Unless they doubled my salary or it was some sort offer I couldn’t refuse, I don’t understand why anyone in Rocker’s position would take a job at Auburn over Ole Miss right now.


  6. Hackerdog

    I assume the money is substantially better at Auburn. Also, the lure of his alma mater may have some appeal. But I think he could learn more under Tyrone Nix than Ted Roof.


  7. cousinwalter

    Well, that maybe true but not necessarily. Remember Ole Miss recently out bid Auburn for Houston Nutt and on top of that they are busy paying Tommy over 5 million dollars.

    I would think early in your coaching career it would be more important to be part of a successful program (more likely to have a successful DLine too) so you could move up the coaching ladder faster. Ed Orgeron is a good example. He coached DL at USC and Miami, the two easiest places to recruit in America. Those jobs landed him the Ole Miss Head coaching job.