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Time, time, time, see what’s become of me…

The Wiz has provided an invaluable service this season tracking what effect the revised clock rules have had on the college game.  His latest post on the subject, which looks at the bowl season, confirms what those who are cynical about this stuff already suspected – that whatever time gets saved from shaving off plays and points gets replaced with more commercials and, in the case of the bowls, with more elaborate halftime festivities.

That’s a pretty worthless tradeoff, for my money.

Here’s the breakdown:

A look at the average number of plays and time of a game for the past four seasons.

G      Plays/G   Time/G   Pts/G
2005     717    140.71      3:21      52.61
2006     792    127.53      3:07      47.53
2007     792    143.42      3:23      55.37
2008     770    134.84      3:12      52.68
Bowls     34    137.35      3:26      50.29

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to take these numbers, along with the fact that viewership was up for the bowls, and figure out where things are headed.



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No time for losers

Orson posted this at EDSBS yesterday, so, no, I didn’t go looking for it.

I was going to post a disclaimer about not taking responsibility for any retinal damage viewing this clip might cause, but we’re all adults here, right?

One can only dream about incorporating this act into a Gator halftime show, but, Gawd, it would be priceless.

Seriously, though, is that a pole in her living room?  Maybe this is simply generational bewilderment on my part, but exactly what does she say to visitors when they see that bad boy?  Or her parents?  Or does she say nothing at all and leave it up to her guests to find an awkward moment to compliment her on the decor?  Would “nice pole ‘ya got there” work?

I’m so confused.


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Can you imagine, indeed.

I wasn’t going to mention the fact that the NFL playoffs this season boast seven-loss and six-loss (with one tie!) teams battling it out this weekend to see who plays in the Super Bowl, but after reading this column, I can’t help myself.

Because having two mediocre regular season teams square off like that is teh awesome.

With three of the top four NFL teams during the regular season beaten in their first playoff game (all at home!), doesn’t it make the end of the college football season look even more ridiculous?

The current system is scheduled to continue for the next five years, but the NFL results last weekend should make quite a few people involved in the Bowl Championship Series want to change the status quo.

Dude loves his Cinderellas.

… The powers-that-be in college football are not dumb, just stubborn. They have always felt their sport did not need or have any room for the same stories that made the NCAA basketball tournament. Football wanted no part of Jim Valvano’s N.C. State or Rollie Massimino’s Villanova Wildcats.

But the times, they are a changin’.

The NFL has now gone this entire decade with only one No. 1 seed winning the Super Bowl.

In fact, while college football has arranged for their top two teams to meet for the championship each of the last 11 years, only once in the NFL since 1994 have both No. 1 seeds met in the Super Bowl…

I couldn’t have explained it any better myself.

And while we’re on the subject – RPI fever, baby, catch it!


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