Can you imagine, indeed.

I wasn’t going to mention the fact that the NFL playoffs this season boast seven-loss and six-loss (with one tie!) teams battling it out this weekend to see who plays in the Super Bowl, but after reading this column, I can’t help myself.

Because having two mediocre regular season teams square off like that is teh awesome.

With three of the top four NFL teams during the regular season beaten in their first playoff game (all at home!), doesn’t it make the end of the college football season look even more ridiculous?

The current system is scheduled to continue for the next five years, but the NFL results last weekend should make quite a few people involved in the Bowl Championship Series want to change the status quo.

Dude loves his Cinderellas.

… The powers-that-be in college football are not dumb, just stubborn. They have always felt their sport did not need or have any room for the same stories that made the NCAA basketball tournament. Football wanted no part of Jim Valvano’s N.C. State or Rollie Massimino’s Villanova Wildcats.

But the times, they are a changin’.

The NFL has now gone this entire decade with only one No. 1 seed winning the Super Bowl.

In fact, while college football has arranged for their top two teams to meet for the championship each of the last 11 years, only once in the NFL since 1994 have both No. 1 seeds met in the Super Bowl…

I couldn’t have explained it any better myself.

And while we’re on the subject – RPI fever, baby, catch it!


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  1. JasonC

    I bet you enjoy someone for the other side making your point while arguing their side.


  2. I did enjoy it, but I have to admit that I’m somewhat astounded by the guy’s cluelessness.


  3. Brandon

    I’ve got an idea!!! How about we just get rid of the regular season in college football altogether, regular season’s are like so yesterday, let’s promote 9 teams from from D II and have a 128 team, 7 week playoff for all the glory. We’ll let the pundits go around and watch all the spring practices and rate the teams, that’s how we’ll determine seating, we don’t need no stinking regular season to determine that, the pundits are right almost all of the time anyway. Notre Dame will of course be an automatic one seat every year and will play all of their games at home, then we can see who the REAL national champion is, if the NFL had skipped the regular season last year we wouldn’t have had to hear all that garbage about the Patriots being 16-0, we would have known from the start that the 11-5 Giants were far better! UP YOURS BCS!!!


  4. The Realist

    Did he notice that the NFL playoffs are completely unwatchable? Philly and Arizona to determine one Super Bowl participant? I’m not interested. That game does not capture the imagination like, oh, I don’t know, paint drying… grass growing… etc. Didn’t Arizona get blasted by New England 47-7 in week 16? New England didn’t make the playoffs. Oh, and Arizona already lost by 4 touchdowns to Philly in week 13. I’m glad they are in the final four. Of course, the playoff makes those regular season contests moot.

    If Baltimore wins the AFC, the Super Bowl not be watchable. I’ll spend much of it playing Beer Pong and frying something and occasionally watch a commercial break. The game? No, thanks.


    • If Baltimore wins the AFC, the Super Bowl not be watchable. I’ll spend much of it playing Beer Pong and frying something and occasionally watch a commercial break. The game? No, thanks.

      At least there’s Springsteen at halftime.


  5. I would love to see a poll that asks people who watch the BCS national championship game whether they watch the game for the game or for the commercials and then ask the same of people who watch the Super Bowl.

    Undoubtedly, the percentage is going to be in favor of the BCS game for people actually watching for the game (because the commercials suck)….what I am curious about is whether the overall viewership for game purposes is closer.

    i.e. 25 million people watch the BCS game for the game, 30 million watch the Super Bowl for the game and 20 million watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.

    I will tell you that unless it is Steelers-Iggles this year I am gonna be watchin for the Boss.


  6. Tom

    Let’s not forget the fact that we’ve got two rematches here: Philly beat Arizona down in Week 13, and the Steelers beat the Ravens in Week 4. Then the Steelers beat the Ravens again in Week 15.

    How many times do the Steelers need to beat the Ravens before it counts? Haven’t the proved that they’re better “on the field” enough?

    If Texas had been forced to play Oklahoma again (but this time “for real”), college football fans would’ve been up in arms. If they’d have had to do it a third time in one season the state of Texas would have exploded.

    Ridiculous. It’s a tragedy that fans of the NFL accept this system as legitimate.


  7. NM

    “They didn’t even win their division, how can they be the national champions?!”

    And then they say the COLLEGE system is ridiculous…


  8. Rusi

    Well played NM….well played


  9. Yeah, it sucks when the actually better team moves on, right?

    It should be all about who has the higher ranking and people make a better argument for, right?

    Maybe the reason those teams are moving on is because they are actually BETTER! God forbid the results be connected to actual head-to-head games, huh?

    Nobody plays the exact same schedule. No teams have the exact same benefits from where their bye weeks fall, or the order in which they play tough teams and easy teams, etc. So final record is a hint, not a determiner, of what team is best.

    Only actual head to head play can determine that.

    That’s why a playoff is better than just picking 2 teams based on subjective criteria and putting them against each other.

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  10. ugafish

    Guy is retarded. NFL playoffs allow way too many teams in, 37.5% of them. A CFB playoff would be much more exclusive.


  11. Tom

    Again with the “head-to-head play”, huh Muckbeast? Your argument doesn’t hold any water, this week especially. I reiterate – we’ve got two rematches deciding who goes to the Super Bowl. How is that fair to the teams that already won? Haven’t they already proved head-to-head, on the field, that they’re better? Hell, the Steelers have proved it TWICE. I really would like to hear a good defense for this, because the only one I can think of is that “this time it matters”, implying that during the regular season those wins didn’t count.


  12. NM

    God forbid the results be connected to actual head-to-head games, huh?

    So I guess that’s why the Patriots were the NFL champs last year, since they won at the Giants, on national TV, in Week 17. Makes sense.

    Wait, what do you mean the Patriots weren’t the NFL champs???

    Tom is 100% correct about this year.