No time for losers

Orson posted this at EDSBS yesterday, so, no, I didn’t go looking for it.

I was going to post a disclaimer about not taking responsibility for any retinal damage viewing this clip might cause, but we’re all adults here, right?

One can only dream about incorporating this act into a Gator halftime show, but, Gawd, it would be priceless.

Seriously, though, is that a pole in her living room?  Maybe this is simply generational bewilderment on my part, but exactly what does she say to visitors when they see that bad boy?  Or her parents?  Or does she say nothing at all and leave it up to her guests to find an awkward moment to compliment her on the decor?  Would “nice pole ‘ya got there” work?

I’m so confused.


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19 responses to “No time for losers

  1. pcpup

    It’s a Festivus miracle!


  2. Who says you need a national championship in order to make a pole dancing YouTube video? This ain’t her first rodeo.


  3. Boz

    Where’s the link to buy more with less, um, gator?


  4. The Realist

    That is very much an apartment. We did some crazy stuff in our apartments, but installing a stripper pole never crossed our minds. Why, I do not know.


  5. dean

    She needs the pole for her pole dancing class. We all know UF offers pole dancing as an elective (like NASCAR at Auburn) ;-). Plus when she’s working at night she’s telling truth when she says “I’m just doing it to pay for college”.


  6. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Thanks for a jean shorts free video


  7. Ally

    First: Oh. My. God.
    Second: She needs to take a shower.
    Third: Gayturd fans wonder why we make fun of their fans??? First, they produce the girl who’s never heard of a toilet, and now this. Good God.

    Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be gayturds. Please.


  8. Barry

    All I know is we HAVE to win a National Championship. With all 0f the talent we have in Atlanta. just imagine that video.


  9. dean

    I forgot to include a comment about those dirty ass feet. Damn. If your carpet that’s dirty it’s time to rent a carpet cleaner. I’m sure the rental place will accept the payment in ones, creased neatly down the middle.

    Stay classy Florida.


  10. Julie

    Her AOPi jacket is just out of camera range on the sofa.


  11. JasonC

    I think the material speaks for itself, but I will add that her “O” during the spell GATORS, looked nothing like an “O”.


  12. fisheriesdawg

    I heard she tried to apply at Cafe Risque in Micanopy and the rejected her on account of not being skanky enough.


  13. I am so confused.


  14. AceG8tr

    I’m not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed.

    Don’t remember seeing any apartments/residents like that in Hogtown when I was there. Times, they are a changin’.



  15. ScooBoo

    Ahhhhh………dirty foot girls. Ya gotta luv ’em!!!


  16. Joe

    Someone needs to tell her, that they won the 08 MNC not 09.


  17. Ally

    “I’m not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed.”

    You should be more embarrassed by that comment. But then again having pride in something so trashy is indeed the calling card for gayturd fans everywhere.

    Stay class gayturds.


  18. Look on the bright side, lol. At least it’s a write-off…..


  19. Seriously

    Ally, you should be embarrassed for using the term “gayturds” when referring to the team that so recently destroyed your team. It shows really poor sportsmanship on your part.

    You stay classy girl!