Time, time, time, see what’s become of me…

The Wiz has provided an invaluable service this season tracking what effect the revised clock rules have had on the college game.  His latest post on the subject, which looks at the bowl season, confirms what those who are cynical about this stuff already suspected – that whatever time gets saved from shaving off plays and points gets replaced with more commercials and, in the case of the bowls, with more elaborate halftime festivities.

That’s a pretty worthless tradeoff, for my money.

Here’s the breakdown:

A look at the average number of plays and time of a game for the past four seasons.

G      Plays/G   Time/G   Pts/G
2005     717    140.71      3:21      52.61
2006     792    127.53      3:07      47.53
2007     792    143.42      3:23      55.37
2008     770    134.84      3:12      52.68
Bowls     34    137.35      3:26      50.29

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to take these numbers, along with the fact that viewership was up for the bowls, and figure out where things are headed.



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9 responses to “Time, time, time, see what’s become of me…

  1. … while I look around, for my possibilities … I was so hard to please.

    I look around, leaves are brown, and the sky …


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    This just proves that no matter how hard TV is trying to screw up college football, its popularity is soaring enough to overcome their ineptitude.


  3. Mitch

    What bugs me about the complaining about the clock rules is that coaches waste away time. I am not saying that teams should go no huddle. I am saying that speed and tempo can be increased. I am saying that instead of wasting the last two minutes of the first half use them to run some plays. It is still two extra minutes. We know that football is a game of inches and mismatches. Why can’t coaches see that these two minutes are just as important as any other two minutes?


  4. Ally

    A Bangles reference. Nice. Not bad for an old man 😉


    • Um… the original is by Simon and Garfunkel. I bought that record when it came out. So you can mock my age even more now. 🙂

      I do like The Bangles’ cover a lot, though, if that helps.


  5. Ally

    LOL, I didn’t even know there was an original pre-Bangles.

    I think I’m the one who’ll get mocked now, lol!


  6. NRBQ

    Geez, Bluto.

    You mean there was music before the Bangles?

    Sorry, Ally, couldn’t resist.



  7. NRBQ

    Yes. I still have the first vinyl release.