There’s more than one way to spice a rivalry up.

Lane Kiffin just hired Nick Saban’s top recruiter away from ‘Bama.  No word on the salary yet.

‘Bama fans, this is one you can’t blame on Fulmer.


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  1. Dog in Fla

    Apparently, Lane was not on the routing list for The Memo of How We Do Things Here in the South.

    Someone will teach him that revenge is a casserole dish best served cold. Will it be the SpurDog, Markie Mark, Urban or the Nictator or all of them?

    Looking forward to the most exciting SEC Media Days since Phil was trying to avoid service of a subpoena.


  2. NM

    Interesting that Kiffin is putting such a priority on “recruiters” (Coach O, this guy, tried to get Garner), since he made his name as a recruiter. Of course, it could be that since his dad/DC is older and an NFL guy, they need as much recruiting firepower from the other positions as they can get. Plus, Tennessee isn’t exactly a talent-rich state… they always seem to have to snatch players from GA, FL, out west, etc., so it may be a smart strategy to have as much recruiting strength as possible.


  3. Ally

    Kiffin doesn’t have a choice. He’s widely known as a jackhole. If he’s gonna survive he needs ace recruiters that can do the job he can’t – ie ones that can work mamas & a living room as well as pull from the ATL area. Lance & Coach O can do all that for him, much to our chagrin.

    Smart move, but he needs to be careful with that mouth of his. He doesn’t have the rep nor record Spurrier does to get away with that crap.


  4. Does anyone else get the impression that they are just hodgepodging as many “exciting” hires as possible with no thought to chemistry at all?

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  5. Dog in Fla

    Congratulations to Coach Richt for keeping Coach Garner from being hired by Tennessee.

    According to the link, the former Alabama coach UT just hired keyed in on the Mobile-Pensacola area so UT is thinking something along the lines of Tee Martin-like recruits.

    It’s better for us to have UT going after Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Florida and FSU recruits in that area rather than re-opening the door to the State of Georgia, especially metro-Atlanta, to UT like it was when Coach Donnan hired Coach Garner away from UT.


  6. Dog in Fla

    SEC Battle Report:

    Lane, after having tweaked, or trying to tweak, Spurrier, Meyer and Richt in the SEC East expands battle front to the SEC West by attacking Saban.

    In a hasty and unusual meeting believed to be set for zero-dark thirty tomorrow morning, Petrino, Nutt, Miles and Mullins are thought to be considering a joint SEC West pre-emptive attack against UT in the name of freedom and democracy.

    The name of the exercise is expected to be GWOL (Global War on Lane).

    For remaining unattacked targets in SEC West, Lane remains reluctant to attack Brooks for fear of Brooks returning fire by kicking Lane’s butt. From intel believed to have been provided by his father, Lane knows of Brooks’ past NFL experience. As for Bobby Johnson, well, it’s just Vandy.

    Lane sets record by uniting each and every one of his peer SEC coaches against him in a record short period of time. This obliterates what was widely believed to be the previously unbreakable record set by Spurrier during the 1990’s.


  7. shadrach

    Muck, I believe just as you do. Kiffin is hiring a staff that’s lights out in recruiting, but probably won’t be able to stay in the same room together to get a game plan set. Most of these guys are one phone call away from leaving UT like the places they’ve just come from. I wouldn’t trust Orgeron to watch my back as an assistant, ever. It’ll get nasty in a hurry if there are any bumps in the road.

    Given LK’s rep for being a less than capable leader, he’ll be lucky someone on the staff doesn’t try to roll him.

    I’d be worried if I was Mike Hamilton.


  8. Aligator

    Dick Saben is a Douchebag and so is Lane Kiffen.