A mystery solved.

Last night must have been my night for finding buried treasure.  After reading David Hale’s post about Reshad Jones, I came across this Bruce Feldman piece about being in the war room with Coach O at Tennessee.  (If you’ve read Feldman’s excellent Meat Market, this was like putting on a pair of favorite gloves you haven’t worn in a while – comfortable and familiar.  Speaking of comfortable,  doesn’t Orgeron seem like he’s in his element running the show again?)

Anyway, after spending a good amount of time going over the recruitin’ doings in Knoxville, Feldman moves on to the real item of interest for me:

Few college players have the juice to ever sit in on a job interview, but that just goes to show the depth of Tim Tebow’s imprint on the Florida program. Sources say the junior QB sat in for as much as six hours of the interview process when Urban Meyer met with potential quarterback coaches a few weeks ago.

Few college players?  Name one.  And then it dawns on me:  Meyer didn’t get Tebow to stay by promising to change the offense to make him a more NFL-ready quarterback.  He’s prepping the GPOOE™ for a head coaching job.

Okay, okay.  I keed, I keed.  At least I think I’m kidding.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot my favorite line from Feldman on this.

Tebow’s gym-rat persona and intelligence, I’m told, wowed the interviewees.

I’ll just bet it did.  Let’s face it; if you were one of those candidates, you’re sitting in an interview with a kid half your age who was snipping Filipino foreskins last summer.  It’s not like you’re gonna intimidate him with the sheer force of your brilliant personality.  All you’ve got left to fall back on is sycophancy.

Look at the bright side of this.  After a month on the job, he’ll probably let you stop calling him Mr. Tebow.


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3 responses to “A mystery solved.

  1. Ally

    Unbelievable. I’m surprised he needed a QB coach, I thought he was perfect?


  2. NM

    QB coach? I think that’s a better-paid way to say “personal assistant”.


  3. The Realist

    I’ve never seen or heard of a player who was able to participate in the interviewing process. Much less, a player that only had one year of eligibility left. This is baffling to me.

    It’s pretty clear that Florida is in a good position right now. But, what about life after Tebow? Is there a life after Tebow?